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Alternatives to courses from Udacity

There are alternatives to some courses from Udacity. This list contains only courses that have at least one alternative found. Find all courses from Udacity.

NOTE. Maping of courses from different providers to groups as alternatives was done by users of this web site. It is not officially approved alternatives list. Courses providers did not cooperate with the site when preparing this. Please, use the list of alternatives on your own risk.


Udacity was founded by three roboticists who believed much of the educational value of their university classes could be offered online. A few weeks later, over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled in our first class, "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence."

College Algebra

Alternatives (4)

17 0 0

12 0 0

Intro to Algorithms

Alternatives (8)

Intro to Computer Science

Alternatives (2)

Intro to Java Programming

Alternatives (5)

Intro to Parallel Programming

Alternatives (1)

Intro to Physics

Alternatives (18)

Intro to Psychology

Alternatives (11)

Intro to Statistics

Alternatives (12)

Intro to Theoretical Computer Science

Alternatives (3)

Programming Languages

Alternatives (2)


Alternatives (12)

Web Development

Alternatives (8)