Adding social network functionality to

Our users might notice new functionality on the . On the home page there is the new section “Public timeline” and new item in the menu “Community”.

We completed the first part of the community tools for our service.

The aim of the community tools is to use all power of social networking to help to learn online.

This forum post explains what we wanted to achieve in this first part of our work.

Each user can post a status message about his education. Education providers can post news about their services.

Every user can follow other users like it is done in popular social networks (Twitter ect). So, it is easy to share own education success and help other to study.

See the public timeline to know what is going on.

To post your updates you need to login to your account or register if you don’t have one.

Next part of community tools is support of self-organized education groups. Some details are in the forum Self-organized Online Education Groups

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MyEducationPath needs a co-founder to move further

Currently, is supported by one person – Roman Gelembjuk ( me ).

I would like to move this project to the next step. But, I need a partner – someone who is good in sales and marketing. And, preferable, to be located in the North America or West Europe.

If you are ready to work on as the co-founder and have something to contribute then, please, contact.

There are some details about the plan for

This site helps students of online courses to plan and organize their education. A student can build a path to study and present his education history with Education Passport.

Online education providers can use the platform for advertising, innovative ways to attract new students are offered.

Now the site contains completed product and is ready for sales. I need a partner who can sale and do marketing.

At the moment money are needed for graphic design and , probably, for text corrections/rewriting. Any other technical and programming tasks will be done by me and I need a partner to do sales .

MyEducationPath launches integration with iTunes

It is known that majority of MOOC students are interested to extend their knowledge on a subject after a course is completed. We try to create useful tools for such students. Recently we launched books suggestion for courses in the directory. Today we announce new tool – suggestion of iTunes materials relevant to a MOOC course subject.

On a course details page we display the list of iTunes audiobooks and podcasts related to a course subject. This is done automatically and some suggestions can have a bit different subject.

iTunes audio materials are not suggested for all courses. Sometimes automatic program can not determine a course keywords correctly. But, we continue to improve the tool to have podcasts and audiobooks suggested for any course in the directory.

See example of the course with iTunes materials suggested – Pre-Calculus

Online Course recommending system. The first result.

Now we are focused on creation the intelligence system of courses management. We aim to generate relationships between courses automatically. Every course from the directory can be mapped to other courses as an alternative or a  prerequisite or s similar subject course etc.

Such type of relationships between courses will be used to generate personal education path automatically and individually for every online student.

For now we release one piece of this work. It is “See also” listing for a course.

On a course description page we will display the list of most relevant courses related to the courses. But not exact alternatives as we have different listing for a course alternatives.

To see how it works just open courses in the directory. Now this function will work for more then half of courses in the directory.


Show your MOOC courses certificates in a Personal Education Passport

We improved the Education Passport tool. Now it is possible to attach a certificate information to your passport records.

Many MOOC providers issue a certificate of course completion to students. Usually this is PDF file with an image of certificate. Sometime printed certificate can be received.

It can be very useful to share your certificates with the education passport tool. A certificate is a proof of your education. Many MOOC providers have certificate validation system. There is unique number on a certificate and this can be used to check if it is really your certificate or not.

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New Education Calendar layout

We continue to improve personal education planning tools.

Today we release experimental version of calendar view. This layout is called “Like MS Project”. By default, old view still work. But it is possible to open new layout with the link “View in “MS project” style”.

Let us know if this is correct direction of Calendar GUI developement!



The calendar is the part of My Path tool.

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New features make planning of education path easier.

We added couple new features to make the service more useful to students.

Now on a course page we display all path from the Paths directory where the course is included.

Additionally, for a course we list students who already learned this course (added to Education Passport) or plan to learn (added to Personal Education Path). This is the first step to bring power of social networking to the service. Next step is to create a function to find friends to learn a MOOC together and build local groups to learn MOOCs or to follow a path to get alternative higher education.

To see how this works check, for example, the course History of Ancient Civilization.

Certification Exams directory brings new value to launches new big section of the site – Certification Exams directory.

In the directory we will list certification exams available online (full or partially) from different providers.

Most interesting feature is connection of exams and courses. A Certification Provider can choose courses (MOOC or other online courses) to recommend for preparing to exam.

For example, there is the exam “Financial Accounting” from Excelsior College. To prepare to this exam you can use one or more from 6 connected courses from different providers (including such popular liek Coursera etc).
Also when a course is connected to an exam then you can see it in the section certification on a course description page. Like An Introduction to Financial Accounting from Coursera. It was done to help students of MOOC to find a way to get certification of knowledges after a course completion.

Exams can be added to paths in the Paths directory. For example, for the Accouting path we added couple exams from Excelsior college (this was done just for example of how it work).

Useful feature for students is that now it is possible to include exams in an education passport or in a personal education path.

At the moment there is only one certification provider in the directory. It is Excelsior College. And not all exams are currently mapped to courses. However, this will be done soon.

Any certification provider can register in the directory. If your company offers certification then you can read details about how to list your exams in the exams directory.


MOOC courses directory grows

Today 2 new online courses providers were added to the directory.

Open2Study and

Open2Study is a MOOC provider. Now they offer 10 courses from Australia universities.

eClasses offer mostly paid courses in web design, programming, IT, and business

At the moment the directory of online courses contains 7413 courses from 25 providers. Upcoming courses (179)Free (4884)Always open (5108).

We remind you that our directory is open for any online courses provider to add their courses.

Greet – planner of free higher education

We are glad to announce new web service . The aim of this service is to help to plan personal education process using e-Learning possibilities.

This site helps you navigate in e-Learning sources. We try to systematize information about online education. You can use this service to find online courses, share comments and reviews. Our mission is to help people to build a personal education path using free or cheap online courses as alternative to traditional higher education. We help to find free alternatives to expensive college/university courses.

Our Idea is based on our vision of how higher education will be changed in future.

Now not everything is ready from what we want to do. We continue to work on the service. One of most important things will be personal education planner. The user will choose the degree he wants to get and we will show all possible pathes to achieve the degree using free or cheap online courses. The user will just choose the path he likes from many alternatives using the cost or ratings of courses.

One of things that can be used today is a personal education passport. See an example of the education passport.

In out courses directory there are only courses from 3 most popular MOOC vendors – Udacity, Coursera, edX.

We are open for free registration of online courses vendors. If you offer online courses just register the account and add (or import ) your courses to the directory.