New education provider in the directory

New Open Education provider was added to the MOOCs directory. This is Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan. 81 open courses are shared to the community.

The Open.Michigan collection showcases teaching and learning resources and experiences from University of Michigan (U-M) faculty, students, staff, and partner institutions. The website hosts teaching and learning materials produced by U-M faculty, students, and staff that are licensed under a Creative Commons license (“open license”) that allow for redistribution, copying, and adaptation.

Current state of the MOOCs directory

At the moment our MOOCs and online courses directory contains  6609 courses from 19 providers. Upcoming courses (182)Free (4397)Always open (4367). The directory grows all the time.

MOOC Paths directory – alternatives to a college programs of study. did a new step towards changes in higher education. We released the Paths directory.

pathdirectoryIn the directory there will be published paths to get education degree using MOOCs and online courses. We will publish paths that can be used as replacement of traditional college programs of study.

This tool is created for people who want to get higher education of same level as in college but for free or for cheap price. Every course in a path from the directory is alternative to a course from traditional college program of study. So, if you follow a path from the directory you will get same knowledges as a traditional college students get.

For now we have only 3 paths to achive alternative education to bachelor degree in AccountingSoftware DevelopmentApplied Mathematics.

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LMS Moodle plugin “My Education Path”

Now Moodle courses can be published in our online courses directory very easy.

We created the plugin “My Education Path” for Moodle. The plugin helps to do two things: publish courses in the directory and get feedback from students about a course in form of comments and ratings.

Details about the Moodle plugin My Education Path. We are very interested in feedback from Moodle sites administrator and teachers about the plugin.

In future we plan to extend the plugin to allow Moodle courses students to add their courses to Personal Education Passport. Continue reading