Education Path builder. Help others to plan a personal education with MOOCs

We got new tool on – Path builder. The tools is used to build an education path with MOOCs and share it to the community in the Paths directory.

The tool was created specially for people who want to force changes in higher education system. aims to publish education paths for all popular professions and degrees and now any one can help. Paths can help MOOC students to build effective personal education path. When someone builds a path with the “Path Builder” and shared in the directory then he helps others to find alternative to expensive college education.

If you are familar with a college curriculumsĀ then you can build paths where a college courses are replaced with MOOCs. When this is published in the directory then registered students can apply a path to own personal education path and start to follow it.

The tool can be also used by a college student to recreate his current path from a college and share with community.