Share your competency – create a curriculum for MOOC community

There are thousands of MOOC courses available now. If you want to learn something just find a course, enroll and study it. But what if your aim is to get education level equivalent to a college degree and you want to use MOOC? You need to have some pathway through many courses. And it is real problem . MOOC providers didn’t offer education pathways or curriculum.

There are few offers, but only for selected specialty like  Computer Programming.

However, there are no curriculum for cases if you want to study courses from different providers. This is natural to use different MOOC providers as one subject can be better explained in a course from Coursera and another subject is better to study with a course from edX. created a tool called Path Builder. It is aimed to help competent people to build curriculum with MOOC courses and share it for community.

So, if you are the professional in some subject, if you familiar with higher education process and curriculum creation then you can help the MOOC community.

Use the tool Path builder to create a curriculum on your subject and share it with the community in the Path directory.

The tool allows to create curriculum (“education path”) from more than 10,000 courses from our MOOC list.

Are you competent to create curriculum? If Yes, try it now.


New approach in planning personal education path with MOOCs

pathfinder1Our users – students of MOOCs and online courses can plan their education path with different ways:

  • Plan your education “manually” with the tool “My Education Path” where you search best courses for you and add to your scheduler.
  • Get one of prepared paths from the Paths directory. This is the directory where our users share curriculum created by them with all other users of the site. Just find the degree you need and apply the path to your scheduler.

And now we are ready to announce new way to plan your personal education path – the “Dynamic education path builder”. This tools is under testing at the moment. It runs in the beta mode. We offer our users to try it before the final launch.

How does it work

The idea of the tool is to help a student to create personal curriculum to achieve selected degree.

We did a lot of work to organize and categorize the list of online courses and MOOCs from different providers. Main tasks were to find alternative courses, prerequisites, similar courses, assign field of study and other relationships between courses. Having all this information it is possible now to build a curriculum to achieve a degree you need.

The tool allows to include only specified subject courses ( majors ) in a curriculum or add also some common subjects courses (minors).

Building a curriculum is done in 6 simple steps:

  • Choose a subject and degree;
  • Decide if you would like to study minors as well;
  • Choose minors subjects;
  • Build your curriculum. Decide if you will study all offered courses or only some of them;
  • Choose course providers. Most of courses are grouped in alternatives groups. You will choose what provider you prefer from offered alternatives;
  • Save the path to your personal plan and start your education!

Try the tool – Personal Curriculum Builder

Remember, this works in beta mode. And we wait on your feedback! Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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