MyEducationPath needs a co-founder to move further

Currently, is supported by one person – Roman Gelembjuk ( me ).

I would like to move this project to the next step. But, I need a partner – someone who is good in sales and marketing. And, preferable, to be located in the North America or West Europe.

If you are ready to work on as the co-founder and have something to contribute then, please, contact.

There are some details about the plan for

This site helps students of online courses to plan and organize their education. A student can build a path to study and present his education history with Education Passport.

Online education providers can use the platform for advertising, innovative ways to attract new students are offered.

Now the site contains completed product and is ready for sales. I need a partner who can sale and do marketing.

At the moment money are needed for graphic design and , probably, for text corrections/rewriting. Any other technical and programming tasks will be done by me and I need a partner to do sales .