Adding social network functionality to

Our users might notice new functionality on the . On the home page there is the new section “Public timeline” and new item in the menu “Community”.

We completed the first part of the community tools for our service.

The aim of the community tools is to use all power of social networking to help to learn online.

This forum post explains what we wanted to achieve in this first part of our work.

Each user can post a status message about his education. Education providers can post news about their services.

Every user can follow other users like it is done in popular social networks (Twitter ect). So, it is easy to share own education success and help other to study.

See the public timeline to know what is going on.

To post your updates you need to login to your account or register if you don’t have one.

Next part of community tools is support of self-organized education groups. Some details are in the forum Self-organized Online Education Groups

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