helps to find students/learners/trainees

Introducing – web platform for education providers aimed to find more students (learners, trainees etc) and to give more for existent students. is the offshoot from It was created as a result of increased interest from education companies in using the to advertise their education services.

Starting from today, is only for students and is only for education companies who are interested in increasing their sales.

Services on

All services are aimed to help education companies to find more students using web and social networks. Tools helps to increase traffic, generate sales leads, advertise education courses, support affiliate marketing programs etc.


Continue reading Evolution. Big upgrade coming soon

Last half of a year there were no often updates from team. We worked hard on the new generation of our software and services. The work is almost complete.

Biggest change is that we divided Student functionality from Education Providers functionality. will now offer only tools for students to improve their independent education . And new service – will offer tools for education companies and providers.

Main aim of is to help to find more students online.

Of course, both web sites will be closely integrated.

Official launch is planned for March 1.

However, updates are already online , it is possible to try. Especially, if you are interested to find students for your education services.

Follow our updates! We will have a lot of news now.