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We are glad to announce new web service . The aim of this service is to help to plan personal education process using e-Learning possibilities.

This site helps you navigate in e-Learning sources. We try to systematize information about online education. You can use this service to find online courses, share comments and reviews. Our mission is to help people to build a personal education path using free or cheap online courses as alternative to traditional higher education. We help to find free alternatives to expensive college/university courses.

Our Idea is based on our vision of how higher education will be changed in future.

Now not everything is ready from what we want to do. We continue to work on the service. One of most important things will be personal education planner. The user will choose the degree he wants to get and we will show all possible pathes to achieve the degree using free or cheap online courses. The user will just choose the path he likes from many alternatives using the cost or ratings of courses.

One of things that can be used today is a personal education passport. See an example of the education passport.

In out courses directory there are only courses from 3 most popular MOOC vendors – Udacity, Coursera, edX.

We are open for free registration of online courses vendors. If you offer online courses just register the account and add (or import ) your courses to the directory.

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