Certification Exams directory brings new value to MyEducationPath.com

MyEducationPath.com launches new big section of the site – Certification Exams directory.

In the directory we will list certification exams available online (full or partially) from different providers.

Most interesting feature is connection of exams and courses. A Certification Provider can choose courses (MOOC or other online courses) to recommend for preparing to exam.

For example, there is the exam “Financial Accounting” from Excelsior College. To prepare to this exam you can use one or more from 6 connected courses from different providers (including such popular liek Coursera etc).
Also when a course is connected to an exam then you can see it in the section certification on a course description page. Like An Introduction to Financial Accounting from Coursera. It was done to help students of MOOC to find a way to get certification of knowledges after a course completion.

Exams can be added to paths in the Paths directory. For example, for the Accouting path we added couple exams from Excelsior college (this was done just for example of how it work).

Useful feature for students is that now it is possible to include exams in an education passport or in a personal education path.

At the moment there is only one certification provider in the directory. It is Excelsior College. And not all exams are currently mapped to courses. However, this will be done soon.

Any certification provider can register in the directory. If your company offers certification then you can read details about how to list your exams in the exams directory.