MOOC Calendar. New approach in MOOCs aggregation.

For last two years many MOOC aggregators appeared. All of them are just flat list of courses. Only some of them allow filtering and search.

We also have the list of MOOCs and online courses (which is biggest, by the way). However, we decided to create something new. Some new interface to search courses more intuitively.

This is why we created MOOC Calendar. On our opinion, calendar view is best for such cases. More then half of online courses, especially MOOCs, have start date defined. alendar view is the best for such courses finding.

We created 3 calendar views: by course, by provider and by tags.

The view by course is month calendar view and a course is listed in a day when it starts.

“By provider” view shows list of providers for every day when any course starts from a provider. This if for users who are fans of some MOOC provider and want to see when new courses from this provider will be launched.

“By tags” view lists tags mapped to courses starting in a month. And, also, for every day of a month small tag cloud is displayed. This view allows to find courses by subject quickly.

To see how this new tool works just go to the MOOC Calendar.

Some screenshots:



mooccalendar2 mooccalendar3 mooccalendar4

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