Moodle Plugin for MyEducationPath

The plugin “MyEducationPath” for LMS Moodle ( was extended and new version released.

The plugin now can be used to generate certificates of course completion in the LMS Moodle.

After the upgrade there are 3 main functions:

  1. Publish a course created with Moodle in the online courses and MOOC directory;
  2. Issue certificates of course completion for students in a Moodle site;
  3. Getting a feedback from students about a course in form of comment and rating.

The plugin can be downloaded on the special page – MyEducationPath Moodle plugin .

Issuing certificate of course completion with this plugin has following benefits:

  • a certificate can be printed
  • a certificate is hosted on and can be shared with social networks;
  • a student can create an account on and show his certificates in an Education passport (personal education history);

This software is built with using the API.

Read more about Certificate generating with

Some screenshots:

moodle_mep_1 moodle_mep_2 moodle_mep_3 moodle_mep_4 moodle_mep_5 moodle_mep_6 moodle_mep_7 moodle_mep_8

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