Issue Certificates of Completion to attract new students/learners

The service ‘Certificate of Completion’ helps to generate certificates by online courses or MOOC. It is very easy to design a certificate template and issue certificates of completion for students/learners. But, additionally to a traditional “download PDF and print” certificate there is also associated web page hosted on . This web page can be easy shared with social networks. As a result, a student/learner followers will visit an online course (or MOOC) web page .

This tool helps to achieve 2 goals: issue a certificate of completion and attract new learners/students for a course.

How does it work

To make this work a MOOC provider should integrate his LMS (learning management system) with the certificates tool using the API 

  1. When a course is completed by a student there is the call from a MOOC provider LMS to MyEducationPath to generate new certificate.
  2. MyEducationPath generates the certificate as PDF file and returns a link back to LMS to download by students and print the certificate. Also, the certificate image and information stay stored on MyEducationPath and the link for this page is returned to MOOC provider as well.
  3. The MOOC provider shows the certificate page link to the student to view his certificate on a separate web page.
  4. The student can view his certificate on a separate page on MyEducationPath and share the page with social networks (facebook, google plus, linkedin, twitter etc).
  5. Student’s friends and followers will see the shared certificate and will click to visit the page to get more details (because they are interested about new achievement by the friend)
  6. Finally, friends of the student will visit the MOOC provider web site to get full information about the course.

As a result,

  1. the student is happy as he got the certificate of course completion and can easy show it to many people and include in his CV;
  2. student’s friends can know all details about the course from social network and can be interested to enroll too;
  3. MOOC provider can get more enrollment after every issued certificate.

Finally, see infographics about how does it work.


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