Education Provider. Quick Start to

Short instructions for Education Providers about how to start using for your organization.

1. Register your Education Provider account. Registration form.

2. Complete your profile. Login to your account, go to the Profile page. Save the company description and logo.


3. Go to the page Courses and add your first course to the listing (click “Add new course” button). Finally, publish your course (with the Eye button to the bottom right ).



4. Go back to the Profile page and publish your listing on the Settings tab.


Now you can see your company in the Providers list and the course can be found in the Online Courses directory.

Do next steps if You would like to generate digital certificates of course completion for your students (if you are using Moodle then this is what you need to issue certificates).

5. Go to Certificates Templates editor to prepare your templates. Find details about templates.


6. Add templates, update them according to your needs. There you define how certificates issued by you will look.


7. Now you are ready to generate your first Certificate.


On the Certificates page click the button “Add certificate” and fill the form. Finally a certificate will be generated. It is possible to check “Send email…” checkbox. In this case a student will receive email with a certificate link where he can download a printable copy of his certificate. Or if not checked then you can send a link to a student manually.




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