Short tutorial for education groups members

The tutorial briefly explains how to use the Groups tool .

1. Become a group member.

If you find a group you want to be a member you just need to click a “Join” button.

On the groups list page


Or on a group page


If a group membership is moderated you will have to wait when your request is approved. If membership is not moderated then you can start to work in a group right after join.

2. If you have any questions or don’t know what to do

In such cases you can always use a Forum/Discussion board . It is just usual web discussion board. Post your questions or ask for help. Other group members will support you.


3. What do I do after I joined a group?

  • Read the group description in the About section
  • View the “Upcoming events” section. Maybe there is some event soon and groups members will discuss next steps in a group learning
  • If you still don’t know what to do see the “Challenges” section. This is the group education plan, step-by-step. The Challenges section will contain any challenges if other group members already created a plan. If no challenges in the list then no plan yet, and you will create a plan together with other group members …
  • If you still don’t know what to do ask for support in a Forum. Post something like “So how and what will we learn in this group?”

4. How to participate in an event?

Each group event has description and details about how to join an event. If this is skype event then a group administrator must provide details about how to join and what skype id to use. If you don’t understand how to participate then ask in comments below an event or post in the Forum

If you will take part in the event then you have to indicate this so other group members will know you are in. Move a mouse (pointer) over an event description. You will see a button “I will take part”. Click this button. After this you are listed as a member who will take part.


5. How to create event, challenge or resource?

Only a group administrator (creator) can manage events, challenges and resources. But any group member can suggest updates. If you have idea on event, challenge or resource just post about this to Forum or comment in a corresponding section.

Other group members will see your suggestion and can support. If you idea is interesting then a group admin will add this to the group.

6. Who creates challenges for a group?

Challenges are created by you! and other group members. There are no teachers. Groups are self organized. Group members decide to learn something together. They create a group and then discuss the learning plan (challenges list). To discuss this they use Forum or plan an Event and discuss during video call (real meeting etc).

But it is possible to find some mentor or tutor who will create challenges list. A group can ask someone to help, can discuss how to invite someone to help.

7. How to do Challenges?

Group challenges are short tasks to do. Challenges are ordered. So start from a challenge #1.

Read a challenge description and do it. If you don’t understand or you have problems doing a challenge¬† then ask for help from group members. Post a comment below a challenge or post to a Forum. Some one will help.

8. I completed a Challenge. What next?

You need to indicate that you completed it. Move a mouse (pointer) over a challenge on a group page. You will see the button “I completed!”. Click this button.


A Challenge will be marked as complete and after this you can post a report about your work. A report is optional


9. Why do i need to post a challenge report.

Challenge reports are optional. But it is recommended to post it. You can:

  • describe what did you do;
  • how much time did you spent
  • what web resources did you use, where you found answers
  • what problems had you and how did you solve them

If you post your report this will help your group friends to do a challenge faster.

Finally, remember, if you have questions or don’t know what to do then just ask in a group Forum. It is your primary place to communicate with a group.


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