helps to find students/learners/trainees

Introducing – web platform for education providers aimed to find more students (learners, trainees etc) and to give more for existent students. is the offshoot from It was created as a result of increased interest from education companies in using the to advertise their education services.

Starting from today, is only for students and is only for education companies who are interested in increasing their sales.

Services on

All services are aimed to help education companies to find more students using web and social networks. Tools helps to increase traffic, generate sales leads, advertise education courses, support affiliate marketing programs etc.


Certificates of course completion. This tools allows to create digital certificate of a course completion for your students/trainees/learners/participants etc. Most people who receive such certificate are happy to share it with social networks. And, as a result, you receive incoming traffic to your course sale page (from social connection of  a certificate owner).

Publishing on Education Provider can create a list of courses and manage it manually or with the API. Courses and a company profile can be published in the directory on

Publishing courses on many websites. Once a list of courses created it then can be easy published on many websites (partners) with special plugins or widgets. This allows to automate advertising of your courses with many channels.

Sales Leads generating. In all places where your courses are published it is possible to display “I am Interested” form for a web site visitors. All form posts are stored and then can be used for your sales process to communicate with interested persons.

Getting Feedback. In the courses directory your students can post comments and reviews on courses. This helps to get new students in future and you can manage a feedback with special tool in one place.

Create Education Paths (Programs). This tool allows education companies to get some benefits from MOOC popularity. There are many people who completed courses on Coursera, edX etc. Most of them are interested to complete some integrated program, to have some practice additionally to theoretical free programs. You can help with this. Create Education Program where your courses/trainings are mixed with free popular MOOC and publish the program. It is one more traffic resource for your education services.

Bonus for your students. If you use services offered by than your students receive useful tools for their education, job search etc. For example, certificates issued by you can then be attached to their public profile on A student can include a link to his CertificatesWall or Education Passport to his CV to show his education history and awards, including your certificates and courses.

Are you interested in more traffic and more students? Need details?


It is free to try all features!


We will continue to improve the platform, add new tools and integrations.

In our plans:

  • Integration with popular LMS
  • Integration with Student Information Systems
  • Tools for affiliate marketing for education companies
  • Integration with CRM software

We want to have to be a work start point for education companies, all-in-one for marketing and sales tasks.

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