My Path – first version of MOOC education planner is ready!

At last, our tool for planning MOOC education is available for using. Start using My Path tool now.

The tool helps MOOC students to do time management effectively and keep track with personal education.

This is the first version. It allows to build personal education plan divided for semesters. You can find courses you would like to learn in our courses directory and add them to your education path. For every added course you can specify time when you will learn it (if the course has not specified start time).


To manage your plan go to My Path tool on the site.

With the tool you can:

  • Add courses to the path
  • Set up date and duration for a course learning.
  • View your education calendar and get notifications about upcoming events
  • Publish your Path and share with social networks
  • Find alternatives for courses and replace them
  • Publish finished courses in your Education Passport

Future improvements

We work on improvements of MOOC education planner. Soon we will add couple of new tools and features:

  • Copy Path function. If someone created his Path and published then you can simply copy this path to your.
  • Education Path templates. Anyone will be able to create Path template and publish it for community. Every template will be mapped to some degree (profession). A path will list courses plan to achive the degree.
  • Education Paths public directory. The directory will contains interesting Paths for different degrees. We hope to have Paths created as alternatives for famous universities programs to study. It will be possible to Apply any path from the directory and start folowing it to get free education with MOOCs.


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