helps to find students/learners/trainees

Introducing – web platform for education providers aimed to find more students (learners, trainees etc) and to give more for existent students. is the offshoot from It was created as a result of increased interest from education companies in using the to advertise their education services.

Starting from today, is only for students and is only for education companies who are interested in increasing their sales.

Services on

All services are aimed to help education companies to find more students using web and social networks. Tools helps to increase traffic, generate sales leads, advertise education courses, support affiliate marketing programs etc.


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Education Provider. Quick Start to

Short instructions for Education Providers about how to start using for your organization.

1. Register your Education Provider account. Registration form.

2. Complete your profile. Login to your account, go to the Profile page. Save the company description and logo.


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New big MOOC provider launched – FutureLearn just launched and now has been added to our listing.

There are 20 courses offered by this provider. Now our users can comment and rate courses, add to personal education path and calendar, store in the education passport after a courses completing.

New education provider in the directory

New Open Education provider was added to the MOOCs directory. This is Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan. 81 open courses are shared to the community.

The Open.Michigan collection showcases teaching and learning resources and experiences from University of Michigan (U-M) faculty, students, staff, and partner institutions. The website hosts teaching and learning materials produced by U-M faculty, students, and staff that are licensed under a Creative Commons license (“open license”) that allow for redistribution, copying, and adaptation.

Current state of the MOOCs directory

At the moment our MOOCs and online courses directory contains  6609 courses from 19 providers. Upcoming courses (182)Free (4397)Always open (4367). The directory grows all the time.

How to add your courses to the directory aims to represent all vendors of online courses in the courses directory. We list not only big vendors of free courses like Coursera, Udacity or edX. We are open to add any vendor of online courses to the directory, including paid courses.

If your company offers online courses then it can be registered as “education vendor” in the system.

The registration is simple and pretty standard. Register education vendor. It is possible to register with standard procedure or using your social networks account.

When you are registered, go to Courses page and add your courses there. Courses will appear in the directory and can be rated, reviewed or commented.

If you have many courses and don’t want to add them manually then you can configure importing of courses. To do this you need to create special document on your website with list of courses in XML format. Read details.