Short tutorial for education groups members

The tutorial briefly explains how to use the Groups tool .

1. Become a group member.

If you find a group you want to be a member you just need to click a “Join” button.

On the groups list page


Or on a group page


If a group membership is moderated you will have to wait when your request is approved. If membership is not moderated then you can start to work in a group right after join.

2. If you have any questions or don’t know what to do

In such cases you can always use a Forum/Discussion board . It is just usual web discussion board. Post your questions or ask for help. Other group members will support you.


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Online Learning Groups. New way to study online.

Why we did the Groups service.groups10

We believe, Self-organized learning groups must become new trend in the near future.

In recent years we have seen a MOOC boom, however, it didn’t change an education a lot. We expected more from it. There are different reasons. On our opinion one of biggest problems is motivation of online learners. When you are alone it is really difficult to choose the right way to study online. Too many different offers, a learner is lost and disappointed.

In our vision of future of education important role will play self-organized education groups without tutor. It is the way to confront disorder in offers of MOOC providers. A group of people who plan to learn same subject will join to study together.

Such model of learning must be the golden mean between traditional class with a teacher and individual online learning.

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