Books suggestion for MOOC and online courses

Many students of MOOC and online courses require additional learning materials for their study. Some students want to know more on a subject, other students need to fill some gaps in their knowledge to complete a course.

This is why we launched new feature – book suggestion for courses in the directory.

On a course page we display list of related books for a subject. This is done automatically and some books can have a bit different subject.

Books are not suggested for all courses. Sometimes automatic program can not determine a course keywords correctly. However, we continue to improve the tool to have books suggested for any course in the directory.

See example of the course with books suggested – Pre-Calculus



Online Course recommending system. The first result.

Now we are focused on creation the intelligence system of courses management. We aim to generate relationships between courses automatically. Every course from the directory can be mapped to other courses as an alternative or a  prerequisite or s similar subject course etc.

Such type of relationships between courses will be used to generate personal education path automatically and individually for every online student.

For now we release one piece of this work. It is “See also” listing for a course.

On a course description page we will display the list of most relevant courses related to the courses. But not exact alternatives as we have different listing for a course alternatives.

To see how it works just open courses in the directory. Now this function will work for more then half of courses in the directory.


Learning Hubs from Coursera and Places to Study on

Coursera announced new interesting project – Learning Hubs.

At Coursera, we envision a future where everyone has access to a world-class education. We strive to create and deliver experiences that break down daily barriers that stand in the way of successful learning. Today, in support of our goals, we’re delighted to announce a new initiative- Coursera Learning Hubs – that will offer people around the world physical spaces where they can access the Internet to take a Coursera course, while learning alongside peers in an interactive, facilitated setting. All for free.

Original post on Coursera blog.

This looks like just one more blog post same as thousandths every day. But it is not mediate post. On our opinion this is new signal of big changes in higher education system.

This event opens new page in history of education revolution. Like 2 years ago MOOCs changed our view on higher education, open physical places to study MOOCs will strengthen our confidence in coming changes.

In we were happy when this blog post was published. We predicted and expected this happens. This is why 5 months ago we started the Places to Study tool on our web site. Since that time there is only one place – MOOC Campus. But now we will add 25 places from Coursera. And we are sure new places will appear not quickly. Different MOOC providers will also be interested in such local places for their students.

There is prediction of founder Roman Gelembjuk Business opportunities around MOOC. One of forecasts recently confirmed. What will be confirmed next?

Tagging MOOCs. 3D Tags Cloud to search courses with new way

We continue experimenting with ways to search MOOCs by our users. Today we launch brand new tool – MOOC Tags Cloud.

There are 2 views for this tool – flat tags cloud and 3D tags cloud.

We expect this tool must become popular. If you like it then share with your social networks with your friends!

And, as a bonus! We created nice 3d MOOC Providers Cloud. It is amazing, isn’t it!


MOOC Calendar. New approach in MOOCs aggregation.

For last two years many MOOC aggregators appeared. All of them are just flat list of courses. Only some of them allow filtering and search.

We also have the list of MOOCs and online courses (which is biggest, by the way). However, we decided to create something new. Some new interface to search courses more intuitively.

This is why we created MOOC Calendar. On our opinion, calendar view is best for such cases. More then half of online courses, especially MOOCs, have start date defined. alendar view is the best for such courses finding.

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New big MOOC provider launched – FutureLearn just launched and now has been added to our listing.

There are 20 courses offered by this provider. Now our users can comment and rate courses, add to personal education path and calendar, store in the education passport after a courses completing.

Places to Study MOOCs out of home

Tired to study MOOC at home? We have new feature to solve this problem. The listing of places to study MOOCs and online courses.

We just launched it and now there is only one place – MOOC Campus. However, we expect the community will help to extend this listing and add more places in different areas.

Studying MOOCs out of home has many benefits. A tusdent can find friends to study a course together. Group study is more effective in many cases. And it is more easy to organize practice training related to a MOOC to get new skills after a theoretical study.

If you know good places for independent study MOOCs in your area then, please, suggest us and we will add to the listing.

Places for Individual or Group study of MOOCs or Online Courses

New MOOC providers listed on

For last two weeks we added 3 new MOOC providers to our directory.

NovoEDCourseSites and Stanford Online. OpenEdX .

Totally 56 new MOOCs and online courses.

Closest upcoming courses from new addedare:

Sociocultural Systems from COurseSites

Opportunity and Entrepreneurship from NovoED

Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers from OpenEdX

Summary of our listings at the moment.

We have 32 course and MOOC providers and 9199 courses.

MOOC and e-Learning News Digest from 23rd, August 2013. Updates from Coursera, Udacity, and other sources


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MOOC and e-Learning News Digest from Sunday 18th, August 2013. Updates from Coursera,, Khan Academy, Udacity, edX launches new project – Weekly New Digest from e-Learning and MOOCs worlds.

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Last news from: Coursera,, WiZIQ, Learning Solutions Magazine, Khan Academy, Udacity, New MOOCs and online courses from: Coursera, WiZIQ, ALISON,, MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW), Just started MOOCs from: Coursera, edX, Upcoming MOOCs from: Coursera,,

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