New approach in planning personal education path with MOOCs

pathfinder1Our users – students of MOOCs and online courses can plan their education path with different ways:

  • Plan your education “manually” with the tool “My Education Path” where you search best courses for you and add to your scheduler.
  • Get one of prepared paths from the Paths directory. This is the directory where our users share curriculum created by them with all other users of the site. Just find the degree you need and apply the path to your scheduler.

And now we are ready to announce new way to plan your personal education path – the “Dynamic education path builder”. This tools is under testing at the moment. It runs in the beta mode. We offer our users to try it before the final launch.

How does it work

The idea of the tool is to help a student to create personal curriculum to achieve selected degree.

We did a lot of work to organize and categorize the list of online courses and MOOCs from different providers. Main tasks were to find alternative courses, prerequisites, similar courses, assign field of study and other relationships between courses. Having all this information it is possible now to build a curriculum to achieve a degree you need.

The tool allows to include only specified subject courses ( majors ) in a curriculum or add also some common subjects courses (minors).

Building a curriculum is done in 6 simple steps:

  • Choose a subject and degree;
  • Decide if you would like to study minors as well;
  • Choose minors subjects;
  • Build your curriculum. Decide if you will study all offered courses or only some of them;
  • Choose course providers. Most of courses are grouped in alternatives groups. You will choose what provider you prefer from offered alternatives;
  • Save the path to your personal plan and start your education!

Try the tool – Personal Curriculum Builder

Remember, this works in beta mode. And we wait on your feedback! Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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Education Path builder. Help others to plan a personal education with MOOCs

We got new tool on – Path builder. The tools is used to build an education path with MOOCs and share it to the community in the Paths directory.

The tool was created specially for people who want to force changes in higher education system. aims to publish education paths for all popular professions and degrees and now any one can help. Paths can help MOOC students to build effective personal education path. When someone builds a path with the “Path Builder” and shared in the directory then he helps others to find alternative to expensive college education.

If you are familar with a college curriculums then you can build paths where a college courses are replaced with MOOCs. When this is published in the directory then registered students can apply a path to own personal education path and start to follow it.

The tool can be also used by a college student to recreate his current path from a college and share with community.

MOOC Paths directory – alternatives to a college programs of study. did a new step towards changes in higher education. We released the Paths directory.

pathdirectoryIn the directory there will be published paths to get education degree using MOOCs and online courses. We will publish paths that can be used as replacement of traditional college programs of study.

This tool is created for people who want to get higher education of same level as in college but for free or for cheap price. Every course in a path from the directory is alternative to a course from traditional college program of study. So, if you follow a path from the directory you will get same knowledges as a traditional college students get.

For now we have only 3 paths to achive alternative education to bachelor degree in AccountingSoftware DevelopmentApplied Mathematics.

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My Path – first version of MOOC education planner is ready!

At last, our tool for planning MOOC education is available for using. Start using My Path tool now.

The tool helps MOOC students to do time management effectively and keep track with personal education.

This is the first version. It allows to build personal education plan divided for semesters. You can find courses you would like to learn in our courses directory and add them to your education path. For every added course you can specify time when you will learn it (if the course has not specified start time).


To manage your plan go to My Path tool on the site.

With the tool you can:

  • Add courses to the path
  • Set up date and duration for a course learning.
  • View your education calendar and get notifications about upcoming events
  • Publish your Path and share with social networks
  • Find alternatives for courses and replace them
  • Publish finished courses in your Education Passport

Future improvements

We work on improvements of MOOC education planner. Soon we will add couple of new tools and features:

  • Copy Path function. If someone created his Path and published then you can simply copy this path to your.
  • Education Path templates. Anyone will be able to create Path template and publish it for community. Every template will be mapped to some degree (profession). A path will list courses plan to achive the degree.
  • Education Paths public directory. The directory will contains interesting Paths for different degrees. We hope to have Paths created as alternatives for famous universities programs to study. It will be possible to Apply any path from the directory and start folowing it to get free education with MOOCs.