Moodle Plugin for MyEducationPath

The plugin “MyEducationPath” for LMS Moodle ( was extended and new version released.

The plugin now can be used to generate certificates of course completion in the LMS Moodle.

After the upgrade there are 3 main functions:

  1. Publish a course created with Moodle in the online courses and MOOC directory;
  2. Issue certificates of course completion for students in a Moodle site;
  3. Getting a feedback from students about a course in form of comment and rating.

The plugin can be downloaded on the special page – MyEducationPath Moodle plugin .

Issuing certificate of course completion with this plugin has following benefits:

  • a certificate can be printed
  • a certificate is hosted on and can be shared with social networks;
  • a student can create an account on and show his certificates in an Education passport (personal education history);

This software is built with using the API.

Read more about Certificate generating with

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Certificates of course completion – new feature for education providers and their students

New feature has just been released – Certificates of a course completion generating. Registered education providers can issue certificate for their students. Then a student can view his certificate, print it and share with social networks. Also a student can put a certificate on his Certificates Wall and share the link to the wall to show all his certificates in one place.

And, of course, a certificate can be displayed in personal Education Passport.

Education Providers can use this feature right now. Just login to your Education provider account. You will be able to design your certificate templates and then issue certificates to your students.

Also, there is the API to integrate this feature in education provider eLearning system to issue certificate automatically. Next week we will release a Moodle plugin to issue certificates. The plugin will be based on the Certificates Wall plugin but will have more features and will be upgraded to work with latest versions of Moodle.

More information about Certificates of course completion. Some screenshots.

Screenshot at 2013-12-08 17:21:12 Screenshot at 2013-12-08 17:21:21 Screenshot at 2013-12-08 17:21:53 Screenshot at 2013-12-08 17:22:08


Screenshot at 2013-12-08 17:27:12