Help to force changes in higher education

You can help to force changes in higher education system to make it more democratic and available.

Our directory of online courses is built automatically. We can not do this manually as there are too many courses. We can build the directory automatically. But there are some things that we can not do. We can not find alternatives and prerequisites to a course. Also, in most cases, providers don't provide clear mapping of courses to categories with some standard. Every provider has own categorisation. We want to create common categorization for online courses. And you can help with this.
The same problem for mapping courses to degrees. It would be good to know what course can be done as part of getting some degree. Providers don't provide this information. But you can do this. If you did some course you can map it to a degree that is most applied, on your mind.

And of course, your comments and reviews are very important. THis helps to understand what course from many alternatives is the best.

How you can help:

When we have this information for many courses then we can create the tool to build education path for persons who can get higher education using only online courses.

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