Future of higher education

The idea to create this web site refers to our vision of how higher education will be changed in future.

Traditional higher education has only 3 roles - student, college and employer. An enployer has minimum affect on education process. In fact, traditional higher education it is cooperation of a student and a college.

We believe, this will be changed soon. In the near future, higher education will have more independent players.

Traditional wholesale of education VS retail sales of courses

Traditional college education implies buying of the batch of courses - "the program" from one provider. You go to college, pay for semester and get courses to learn. It is possible to learn something in one college and then continue in other. But this is complex and bureaucratic process.

In the near future colleges will do retail sales of courses. A student will choose course from many alternatives from different colleges or online courses. Usual thing will be learn one course in local college. Then learn next course online for free. On every step of personal education a student have choice from many alternatives.

Such education will require some standard of course description so it is easy to understand what skills are developed in this course and what skills are prerequisites. We believe such standard will be created soon.

New education system - more independent players

Student - is the central player in new eduction system. A student builds his personal unique education path choosing courses from dozens alternatives.

Courses Provider - educational organization that offers theoretical courses (free or paid). A provider is rated by students and by employers. Course rating helps new students to find better education path.

Co-Learning provider. Students of online courses will need places where they can learn their courses with comfort (alternatives to college auditorium). Many of them will be ready to pay for being in co-learning environment together with other online courses students. Such places will be good for group education too.

Practice training and internship provider. Online courses students will have need in some practice. For example, chemistry learning requires work in a laboratory. New business opportunity will appear - companies offering "practice training in laboratories" for online courses students with resonable price. Practice training providers can also have agreement with big online courses provider to allow students to practice. Or online courses providers can have relationships with business to allow students to do internship while learning an online course.

Certification provider. Employers will require some "degree approvement" from online students. Not all online courses providers can do trusted graduating of students. Independed certification providers will help to do this. Such service will be requested by both employers and students.

Employer. An employer will play bigger role in higher education of future then he does now. Employers can value their employees skills and this value will be widespread to education providers where skill were trained. Employers' rating of courses will be important indicator of an education provider service quality.

MyEducationPath role

MyEducationPath.com will help all players to find each other and cooperate.

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