An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

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An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

This course is designed to be a fun introduction to the basics of programming in Python. Our main focus will be on building simple interactive games such as Pong, Blackjack and Asteroids.

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Starts : 2014-09-15



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  • Software Development

    The path to get bachelor degree in Software Development. This is alternative to colleges programs of study. The path requires K12 education as the base.

  • Software Development Degree with Coursera Starts Sep 2013

    This is the education path with Coursera courses for computer programming beginners. In two semesters you can get Associates level in computer programming and can start developing your first software. This path will be updated when new Coursera courses will be announced in future. Courses will be added to later semesters to continue education to achieve bachelor degree level.

  • Wirtschaftsinformatik


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