Dinosaur Ecosystems | 恐龙的生态系统

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Dinosaur Ecosystems | 恐龙的生态系统

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the world of dinosaurs? Yes? Well here’s your chance!

Using the Late Cretaceous fossil site of Erlian, China as an example, we bring you to the Gobi desert, as well as leading international museums and institutions to find out how we reconstruct dinosaur ecosystems.

This biology and life science course will focus on the knowledge we can gain from studying animals and plants. You will learn about a dinosaur’s biology including their appearance, classification and diet. We will take a close look at the mostly meat eating theropod dinosaurs, as well as the main plant eating dinosaurs, the sauropodomorphs and ornithischians. At the end of the course, you will learn how palaeontologists use fossil and modern evidence to reconstruct dinosaurs and their ecosystems.

The course is brought to life with the help of award-winning palaeoartist Julius T. Csotonyi and is led by HKU’s vertebrate palaeontologist Dr Michael Pittman in collaboration with his esteemed colleague Professor Xu Xing of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Beijing. A range of guests from around the World will also share their expertise during the course.


参加我们的免费网上学习课程,感受与恐龙同行的震撼! 以中国二连浩特白垩纪晚期的化石地层作为一个例子,我们将带您来到戈壁沙漠、著名国际博物馆及研究所去探究我们如何重建恐龙的生态系统。 此生物及生命科学课程着重于研究动物和植物。您将会认到识恐龙生物学,包括恐龙的外观、分类和食物。我们将关注近乎全肉食性的兽脚类恐龙,以及主要的草食性恐龙、蜥脚形亚目和鸟臀目恐龙。在本课程的末段,您将会了解到古生物学家如何运用化石和现代的证据来重建恐龙和它们的生态系统。 本课程有赖屡获殊荣的古生物复原画家Julius T. Csotonyi的帮助才得以面世,并由香港大学古脊椎动物学家文嘉棋博士及北京古脊椎动物与古人类研究所徐星教授共同领导。世界各地不同领域的专家也将在本课程中分享他们的专业知识。


參加我們的免費網上學習課程,感受與恐龍同行的震撼! 以中國二連浩特白堊紀晚期的化石地層作為一個例子, 我們將帶您來到戈壁沙漠、著名國際博物館及研究所去探究我們如何重建恐龍的生態系統。此生物及生命科學課程著重於研究動物和植物。您將會認到識恐龍生物學,包括恐龍的外觀、分類和食物。我們將關注近乎全肉食性的獸腳類恐龍,以及主要的草食性恐龍、蜥腳形亞目和鳥臀目恐龍。在本課程的末段, 您將會了解到古生物學家如何運用化石和現代的證據來重建恐龍和牠們的生態系統。本課程有賴屢獲殊榮的古生物復原畫家Julius T. Csotonyi的幫助才得以面世,並由香港大學古脊椎動物學家文嘉棋博士及北京古脊椎動物與古人類研究所徐星教授共同領導。世界各地不同領域的專家也將在本課程中分享他們的專業知識。

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