Algebra: Ratios & proportions

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Algebra: Ratios & proportions

Solving and writing algebraic ratios and proportions. Solving rational equations.
Introduction to Ratios (new HD version). Understanding Proportions. Ratios as Fractions in Simplest Form. Simplifying Rates and Ratios. Find an Unknown in a Proportion. Ratio and Proportion. Find an Unknown in a Proportion 2. Another Take on the Rate Problem. Finding Unit Rates. Finding Unit Prices. Writing Proportions. Ratio problem with basic algebra (new HD). More advanced ratio problem--with Algebra (HD version). Alternate Solution to Ratio Problem (HD Version). Advanced ratio problems. Unit conversion. Conversion between metric units. Converting within the metric system. Converting pounds to ounces. Converting Gallons to quarts pints and cups. Converting Farenheit to Celsius. Comparing Celsius and Farenheit temperature scales. Applying the Metric System. U.S. Customary and Metric units. Converting Yards into Inches. Unit Conversion with Fractions. Performing arithmetic calculations on units of volume. Application problems involving units of weight. Solving application problems involving units of volume. Unit Conversion Example: Drug Dosage. Perimeter and Unit Conversion. Rational Equations. Solving Rational Equations 1. Solving Rational Equations 2. Solving Rational Equations 3. Applying Rational Equations 1. Applying Rational Equations 2. Applying Rational Equations 3. Extraneous Solutions to Rational Equations. Rational Inequalities 2.

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