Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism (Spring 2007)

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Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism
		                               (Spring 2007)

This freshman-level course is the second semester of introductory physics. The focus is on electricity and magnetism. The subject is taught using the TEAL (Technology Enabled Active Learning) format which utilizes small group interaction and current technology. The TEAL/Studio Project at MIT is a new approach to physics education designed to help students develop much better intuition about, and conceptual models of, physical phenomena.

Staff List


Prof. John Belcher


Dr. Peter Dourmashkin

Prof. Bruce Knuteson

Prof. Gunther Roland

Prof. Bolek Wyslouch

Dr. Brian Wecht

Prof. Eric Katsavounidis

Prof. Robert Simcoe

Prof. Joseph Formaggio

Course Co-Administrators:

Dr. Peter Dourmashkin

Prof. Robert Redwine

Technical Instructors:

Andy Neely

Matthew Strafuss

Course Material:

Dr. Peter Dourmashkin

Prof. Eric Hudson

Dr. Sen-Ben Liao



The TEAL project is supported by The Alex and Brit d'Arbeloff Fund for Excellence in MIT Education, MIT iCampus, the Davis Educational Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the Class of 1960 Endowment for Innovation in Education, the Class of 1951 Fund for Excellence in Education, the Class of 1955 Fund for Excellence in Teaching, and the Helena Foundation. Many people have contributed to the development of the course materials. (PDF)

Categories: Physical Sciences
Starts : 2007-02-01



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Electrostatics (part 1): Introduction to Charge and Coulomb's Law. Electrostatics (part 2). Proof (Advanced): Field from infi…


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