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Videos on finance and macroeconomics.
Introduction to interest. Interest (part 2). Introduction to Present Value. Present Value 2. Present Value 3. Present Value 4 (and discounted cash flow). Introduction to Balance Sheets. More on balance sheets and equity. Home equity loans. Renting vs. Buying a home. Renting vs. buying a home (part 2). Renting vs. Buying (detailed analysis). The housing price conundrum. Housing price conundrum (part 2). Housing Price Conundrum (part 3). Housing Conundrum (part 4). What it means to buy a company's stock. Bonds vs. Stocks. Shorting Stock. Shorting Stock 2. Is short selling bad?. Chapter 7:Bankruptcy Liquidation. Chapter 11: Bankruptcy Restructuring. Return on capital. Credit Default Swaps (CDS) Intro. Mortgage Back Security Overview. Collateralized Debt Obligation Overview. Mortgage-Backed Securities I. Mortgage-backed securities II. Mortgage-backed securities III. Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO). Introduction to the yield curve. Introduction to compound interest and e. Compound Interest and e (part 2). Compound Interest and e (part 3). Compound Interest and e (part 4). Bailout 1: Liquidity vs. Solvency. Bailout 2: Book Value. Bailout 3: Book value vs. market value. Bailout 4: Mark-to-model vs. mark-to-market. Bailout 5: Paying off the debt. Bailout 6: Getting an equity infusion. Bailout 7: Bank goes into bankruptcy. Bailout 8: Systemic Risk. Bailout 9: Paulson's Plan. Bailout 10: Moral Hazard. Credit Default Swaps. Credit Default Swaps 2. Investment vs. Consumption 1. Investment vs. Consumption 2. Bailout 11: Why these CDOs could be worth nothing. Bailout 12: Lone Star Transaction. Bailout 13: Does the bailout have a chance of working?. Wealth Destruction 1. Wealth Destruction 2. Bailout 14: Possible Solution. Bailout 15: More on the solution. Banking 1. Banking 2: A bank's income statement. Banking 3: Fractional Reserve Banking. Banking 4: Multiplier effect and the money supply. Personal Bankruptcy: Chapters 7 and 13. Introduction to Compound Interest. The Rule of 72 for Compound Interest. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Effective APR. Introduction to Bonds. Relationship between bond prices and interest rates. Introduction to Mortgage Loans. Traditional IRAs. Roth IRAs. 401(k)s. Payday Loans. Institutional Roles in Issuing and Processing Credit Cards. Ponzi Schemes. Currency Exchange Introduction. Currency Effect on Trade. Currency Effect on Trade Review. Pegging the Yuan. Chinese Central Bank Buying Treasuries. American-Chinese Debt Loop. Debt Loops Rationale and Effects. American Call Options. Basic Shorting. American Put Options. Call Option as Leverage. Put vs. Short and Leverage. Call Payoff Diagram. Put Payoff Diagram. Long Straddle. Put as Insurance. Put-Call Parity. Put Writer Payoff Diagrams. Call Writer Payoff Diagram. Arbitrage Basics. Put-Call Parity Arbitrage I. Put-Call Parity Arbitrage II. Put-Call Parity Clarification. Actual Option Quotes. Option Expiration and Price. Forward Contract Introduction. Futures Introduction. Motivation for the Futures Exchange. Futures Margin Mechanics. Verifying Hedge with Futures Margin Mechanics. Futures and Forward Curves. Contango from Trader Perspective. Severe Contango Generally Bearish. Backwardation Bullish or Bearish. Futures Curves II. Contango. Backwardation. Contango and Backwardation Review. Upper Bound on Forward Settlement Price. Lower Bound on Forward Settlement Price. Arbitraging Futures Contract. Arbitraging Futures Contracts II. Cash Accounting. Accrual Basis of Accounting. Comparing Accrual and Cash Accounting. Balance Sheet and Income Statement Relationship. Basic Cash Flow Statement. Doing the example with Accounts Payable growing. Expensing a Truck leads to inconsistent performance. Depreciating the truck. Depreciation in Cash Flow. Amortization and Depreciation. Basic Capital Structure Differences. Market Capitalization. Market Value of Assets. LIBOR. Fair Value Accounting. Tax Deductions Introduction. Alternative Minimum Tax. Term Life Insurance and Death Probability. Back of Envelope Office Space Conundrum. Corporations and Limited Liability. Is Limited Liability or Double Taxation Fair. Open-Ended Mutual Fund (Part 1). Open-End Mutual Fund Redemptions. Closed-End Mutual Funds. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Hedge Funds Intro. Hedge Fund Structure and Fees. Are Hedge Funds Bad?. Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, and Private Equity. Treasury Bond Prices and Yields. Annual Interest Varying with Debt Maturity. The Yield Curve. Fed Open Market Operations. Quantitative Easing. More on Quantitative Easing (and Credit Easing). Hedge Fund Strategies - Long Short 1. Hedge Fund Strategies - Long Short 2. Hedge Fund Strategies - Merger Arbitrage 1. Stock Dilution. Acquisitions with Shares. Price Behavior After Announced Acquisition. Simple Merger Arb with Share Acquisition. Basic Leveraged Buyout (LBO). Corporate Debt versus Traditional Mortgages. AMT Overview. Open market operations and Quantitative Easing Overview. Another Quantitative Easing Video. US and Japanese Quantitative Easing. Term and Whole Life Insurance Policies 2. Term and Whole Life Insurance Policies. Estate Tax Introduction. Human Capital. Risk and Reward Introduction. Futures Fair Value in the Pre-Market. What is Inflation. Inflation Data. Moderate Inflation in a Good Economy. Stagflation. Real and Nominal Return. Calculating Real Return in Last Year Dollars. Relation Between Nominal and Real Returns and Inflation. Use Cases for Credit Default Swaps. Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction. Deflation. Velocity of Money Rather than Quantity Driving Prices. Deflation Despite Increases in Money Supply. Deflationary Spiral. Hyperinflation. Estate Tax Basics. Term and Whole Life. Open-Ended Mutual Funds. Unemployment Rate Primer (v2). Time Value of Money. Mortgage Interest Rates. Inflation Overview. Basics of US Income Tax Rate Schedule. Carry Trade Basics. Interpreting Futures Fair Value in the PreMarket. Interest Rate Swap 1. Interest Rate Swap 2. Transfer Pricing and Tax Havens.

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