Calculus: Derivative applications

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Calculus: Derivative applications

Minima, maxima, and critical points. Rates of change. Optimization. Rates of change. L'Hopital's rule. Mean value theorem.
Minima, maxima and critical points. Testing critical points for local extrema. Identifying minima and maxima for x^3 - 12x - 5. Concavity, concave upwards and concave downwards intervals. Recognizing concavity exercise. Recognizing concavity. Inflection points. Graphing using derivatives. Another example graphing with derivatives. Minimizing sum of squares. Optimizing box volume graphically. Optimizing box volume analytically. Optimizing profit at a shoe factory. Minimizing the cost of a storage container. Expression for combined area of triangle and square. Minimizing combined area. Rates of change between radius and area of circle. Rate of change of balloon height. Related rates of water pouring into cone. Falling ladder related rates. Rate of change of distance between approaching cars. Speed of shadow of diving bird. Mean Value Theorem. Introduction to L'H

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