TPREP101: SAT Prep

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TPREP101: SAT Prep

The SAT is a timed standardized test, taken by most students in their junior or senior year of high school, often required for college admission.  In the increasingly competitive college admission process, students today are looking for any and all ways to improve their candidacy.  One element of your college application that can definitely be improved on to help your chances of admission is your SAT score. The test is made up of 10 sections, drawn from three subjects: reading, mathematics, and writing.  All of these subjects review topics you have already learned in school: critical reading skills, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, grammar, and essay writing.  You already have basic knowledge on these subjects.  However, you can gain an extra edge and improve your score by reviewing the specific material that will be covered on the test and by becoming familiar with the rules and strategies specific to correctly answering SAT questions. Doing well on the test provides important information about you as…

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