Strategic Innovation and Ideas

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Strategic Innovation and Ideas

Strategy, innovation, ideas. You need all three to be successful in the global economy. But how do you connect your innovative ideas with a winning strategy? Enroll in this course to find out. You’ll learn about the “Innovation and Ideation Process” that will help guide you in decision-making, business sustainability, and organizational change. You’ll gain a competitive advantage (and earn a certificate to prove it). A certificate of completion is available. To qualify and receive certificate of completion for course, individuals must participate in the discussion each week and score at least 85% on weekly mastery exercises. Cost of enrollment: $75.00 OpenLearn™ courses at CSU-Global are not credit bearing. However, students who wish to get credit for their coursework after successfully completing the course can sign up for the online proctored exam. The proctored exam costs $250 and can be attempted twice within a 12 month period. Students who successfully complete the exam will receive three (3) upper division undergraduate college credits for MGT475ex - Strategic Innovation and Ideas. This exam credit may apply towards an undergraduate degree at CSU-Global and may be transferable to other institutions (CSU-Global is a regionally accredited university; however, the amount of transferrable credit accepted by other institutions is at their sole discretion).

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