K12MATH010: Geometry

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K12MATH010: Geometry

Geometry comes from the Greek roots geo-, meaning Earth, and metron, meaning measure. Thus, geometry literally means the process of measuring the Earth. In a more mathematical sense, this course looks at geometric figures that we see in everyday life to understand the patterns in their attributes and how their measures relate to these patterns. It expands on the basic geometric concepts learned in previous math courses, through the applications of these concepts in new contexts. You will learn to develop formal proofs that support patterns and rules of geometric figures previously investigated, including congruent and similar figures, triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles. From here, the course expands on your knowledge about triangles and the Pythagorean theorem, introducing trigonometry of both right triangles and general triangles. The course will help you develop links between the attributes of two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures; help you develop formulas for calculating the volume of prisms…

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