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ed2go $149.00 Education Ed2go

In this professional development course for teachers, you'll get the training you need to reach the diverse mix of students you face every day--learning proven strategies that turn diversity into opportunity.

Starts : 2012-10-21
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NovoED Free Closed [?] Education

By Paul Kim

Starts : 1970-01-01
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NovoED Free Closed [?] Education

By Raymond L. Pecheone, Daisy Martin and Ruth Chung Wei

Starts : 2014-03-01
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Iversity Free Closed [?] Education English Architecture Architecture and Construction

How can architecture help people in times of urgent need caused by natural disasters? In this course, we will design resilient schools that could serve as community centers and shelters for the victims of the devastating typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Starts : 2015-04-20
No votes Free Closed [?] Education

What’s in your digital teaching toolbox? Do you have the tools you need to reach 21st century learners? This course will introduce you to digital technologies and show you how to integrate them into your classroom/webspace.

2 votes Free Closed [?] Education

Ready to explore web-based tools to ignite student engagement in your K-12 classroom? This course examines various web tools and teaches the basics for integrating them into the classroom. Each week we will explore different instructional methods and utilize emerging technology tools to develop presentations, posters, binders, stories, and scavenger hunts. We will investigate the uses and good practices for both teacher-led and student-driven activities through the use of free web-based tools like Prezi, Animoto, Glogster, and many more.

No votes Free Closed [?] Education

Ready to explore Web-based tools to ignite student engagement in your K-12 classroom? This course examines various Web tools, reasons for using these tools in the classroom, and encourages you to experiment with the tools. Each week we will explore different instructional methods and utilize emerging technology to develop presentations, posters, organization tools, stories, and scavenger hunts. We will investigate uses and good practices for both teacher-led and student-driven activities through the use of free Web-based tools like Prezi, Wordle, Padlet, Voki, and more!

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ALISON Free Education Course Type: diploma Free to Access Mime Type - Scorm 1.2

Children from birth to the age of 18 are now considered academically to represent a distinct sociological and cultural class. This means that children are studied as complete individuals in their own right, separate and distinct from adults.<br /><br />ALISON's free online course is multi-disciplinary in nature, covering developmental, psychological, familial and sociological aspects of children's studies. It begins by reviewing the psychological development of children and how they learn, then looks at the role of the family and the place of the child within modern family structures.<br /><br />The sociological aspects of children’s studies review how the modern state looks after the well-being of its children in a modern society.<br /><br />ALISON’S Diploma in Children’s Studies will be of great interest to all professionals who work with children or who are responsible for their well-being, and to learners who would like a career working with children in the health, social or caring professions.<br /><br />It will also be of interest to parents, or those who want to relate, support, encourage and understand their children better.<br />

Starts : 2017-07-10
No votes Free Education

This self-paced course provides participants with the opportunity to explore, assess, and document learning mastered through a variety of life experiences.

Starts : 2007-02-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free Education Graduate MIT OpenCourseWare Urban Studies and Planning

This is a course about how research knowledge and other types of knowledge come to be actionable and influential in the world — or not. The course explores ways to make research knowledge more accessible, credible, and useful in the realm of public policy and practice, a project in which the course faculty collectively bring decades of professional experience, in both academic and non-academic roles.

The course addresses the politics of the policymaking process, the power of framing and agenda-setting, fads and paradigms in the design professions and society in general, how knowledge diffuses along knowledge and influence networks, and how varied types of knowledge (rational, craft, other) and deliberation shape decision-making and action. The course engages a number of guests to present case studies of research in use (and abuse) in varied fields, highlighting rich areas for potential research contributions, along with major conflicts in public values, political interests, ethical obligations, and more. The resulting dilemmas confront scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and others as they look to research — sometimes — for useful guidance, influence, or both.

Starts : 2014-11-03
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Coursera Free Education English

This course will explore how digital cultures and learning cultures connect, and what this means for the ways in which we conduct education online. The course is not about how to ‘do’ e-learning; rather, it is an invitation to view online educational practices through a particular lens – that of popular and digital culture. Follow this course on Twitter at #edcmooc.

Starts : 2017-08-07
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Open2Study Free Education

Examine the world of children from 0 to 5 years. Explore how they develop and learn in this critical stage.

Starts : 2007-02-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free Business MIT OpenCourseWare Undergraduate Urban Studies and Planning

This class discusses the economic aspects of current issues in education, using both economic theory and econometric and institutional readings. Topics include discussion of basic human capital theory, the growing impact of education on earnings and earnings inequality, statistical issues in determining the true rate of return to education, the labor market for teachers, implications of the impact of computers on the demand for worker skills, the effectiveness of mid-career training for adult workers, the roles of school choice, charter schools, state standards and educational technology in improving K-12 education, and the issue of college financial aid.

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Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan Free Education Open content Open pedagogy Social media Technology in education

The main objective of this course is to explore and critique the role of an open pedagogy in education. Participants will develop an understanding of the concept of open and explore its application in, primarily, the context of educational environments as well as use and assess emerging learning technologies and social media. Participants will also learn about a variety of other initiatives and projects employing an open pedagogy, learn how to both identify and create open educational resources and develop a familiarity with the legal and policy considerations (e.g. copyright) surrounding the use and creation of open content. Through reading, writing, and sharing these writings, participants will make important contributions to the ongoing and exciting conversation around the future of teaching and learning. Course Level: Graduate This Work, EDT 585: Open Pedagogy

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Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan Free Education Composition Elementary education Elementary school Fluency Individualized instruction Instruction

This course explores techniques for assessment of reading and writing skills and for development of individualized instruction in classroom settings; develops strategies for meeting the needs of individual students through the evaluation, utilization, and adaptation of commercial reading materials and through the formation of principles and techniques for producing effective teacher-prepared materials. Course Level: Undergraduate This Work, EDUC 403 - Individualized Reading Instruction in the Elementary Grades, by Annemarie Sullivan Palinscar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Starts : 2017-08-07
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Open2Study Free Education

Explore education as a social institution that’s shaped by and part of shaping a constantly changing world.

13 votes Free Closed [?] Education

Project-based lab course on advanced skills and strategies for integrating technology into the PreK-16 classroom. Optional credit offered.

Starts : 2011-09-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free Education MIT OpenCourseWare Undergraduate Urban Studies and Planning

This course is designed to prepare you for a successful student teaching experience. Some of the major themes and activities are: analysis of yourself as a teacher and as a learner, subject knowledge, adolescent development, student learning styles, lesson planning, assessment strategies, classroom management techniques and differentiated instruction. The course requires significant personal involvement and time. You will observe high school classes, begin to pursue a more active role in the classroom in the latter part of the semester, do reflective writings on what you see and think (journal), design and teach a mini-lesson, design a major curriculum unit and engage in our classroom discussions and activities.

Starts : 2012-02-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free Education MIT OpenCourseWare Undergraduate Urban Studies and Planning

This is the final course in the three-course sequence (11.129, 11.130 and 11.131) that deals with the practicalities of teaching students. Areas of study will include: educational psychology, identification of useful resources that support instruction, learning to use technology in meaningful ways in the classroom, finding more methods of motivating students, implementing differentiated instruction and obtaining a teaching job.

Starts : anytime, self-paced
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edX Free Closed [?] Education EdX

A fun and interactive course designed to help you explore the edX learning experience. Perfect to take before you start your course.