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Starts : 2017-05-01
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This self-paced course provides participants with the opportunity to explore, assess, and document learning mastered through a variety of life experiences.

Starts : 2017-06-01
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edX Free English Computer Science EdX Microsoft

Want to write organized code for your website that you can easily manage and maintain? TypeScript is the answer to building scalable web applications. TypeScript lets you write JavaScript the way you want to. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. It works on Any browser. Any host. Any OS. TypeScript is open source and has attracted the attention of a big community of web developers who are continuously contributing to the wealth of the language making it the language for web development. TypeScript brings all the next-generation features of ECMAScript 6 like Arrow Functions, Decorators, Generics, Modules and Interfaces. In this course, you'll learn all the basics of TypeScript and will have hands-on using features of TypeScript such as types, optional static types, classes, interfaces, and modules. You will learn how TypeScript has solved many issues developers have suffered from with JavaScript. You will learn how TypeScript has made web development more fun and easier. You will be doing all this using the most recent released version of the language TypeScript 2.3.

This course will cover all you need to know to get up and running and start building functional websites using TypeScript 2.3

We assume that you have a general understanding of either JavaScript or another programming language. This course will not teach you JavaScript or the fundamentals of programming so if you haven't programmed before, be sure to set aside extra time so you can explore some basic concepts and skills that may be foreign to you. Object Oriented Programming (OOP ) experience is not required but is a big plus to understand concepts like classes and inheritance in TypeScript. Familiarity with HTML is also very helpful for this course.

If you are familiar with JavaScript, many of the concepts in TypeScript will be familiar but we'll cover some concepts that may be new to you and show you how TypeScript can enhance your JavaScript programming.

Knowing TypeScript is becoming more and more a must have skill for web development since many of the web development libraries now are using TypeScript. For example, TypeScript is a must when it comes to using Angular 2 in a web application. TypeScript also can be used in server-side applications. Knowing TypeScript is your way to become a full stack developer. Therefore, if you are considering a career in web development, TypeScript is an important gear in your tool box or skillset.

Starts : 2017-08-15
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edX Free English Economics & Finance EdX MITx

Want to learn how individuals and businesses make the decisions that drive our economy - and use those skills to ace the Microeconomics AP* exam? This is the course for you!

This economics course is an introduction to basic microeconomic principles. You will learn how individuals make decisions ranging from what type of goods to buy to how many hours to work, and how firms make decisions ranging from how many workers to hire to what prices to charge. You will study how to evaluate economic outcomes from the perspective of efficiency and fairness, and discuss the proper role of the government in determining these outcomes.

This course will cover all material that is required for the Microeconomics AP* exam. It will cover this material through a mix of intuitive explanations, real-world applications, and graphical and mathematical supplements that explore the content in more depth. By the end of the course, not only will you have an understanding of the most important principles of microeconomics, but you’ll be able to use these principles to better understand the workings of the real world around you!

*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these offerings.

Starts : 2017-09-26
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edX Free English Chemistry EdX UPValenciaX

Las microcápsulas son partículas micrométricas con materiales de distinta naturaleza en su interior que permiten incorporar nuevas propiedades a distintos materiales en múltiples sectores productivos. El empleo de las microcápsulas permite funcionalizar productos tan diversos como los empleados en medicina, alimentación, cosmética, agricultura, pinturas, plásticos, textiles o automoción entre otros.

Este curso está enfocado a técnicos textiles o de materiales y público en general, interesado en conocer como incorporar nuevas propiedades a los materiales mediante adición de microcápsulas.

En él se abordan los distintos mecanismos de atrapamiento de principios activos y se profundiza en las microcápsulas y su aplicación, tomando como ejemplo superficies textiles y su posterior caracterización.

Starts : 2017-06-05
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edX Free English Business & Management Computer Science EdX Microsoft

Organizations often spend considerable money on collaborative tools – but those tools are of no use unless there’s widespread adoption across teams. How can an organization ensure that the tools in which they’ve invested reach full adoption?

In this course, you will learn methods for engaging users and building internal support for new tools. You’ll learn how to conduct effective training, as well as ways to develop content that will spur adoption. You will learn how to improve productivity and communicate the process for overall collaborative improvement. 

Starts : 2017-06-20
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edX Free English EdX Food & Nutrition UPValenciaX

Centenares de estudios científicos corroboran que llevar una alimentación equilibrada es uno de los pilares para mantener un estado óptimo de salud y alargar nuestra vida, manteniéndonos alejados de enfermedades no transmisibles como los accidentes cardiovasculares, la diabetes o la obesidad.

¿Estás interesado en aprender a comer de forma equilibrada y llevar una vida sana? En este curso aprenderás las bases de la nutrición humana y la alimentación sana como herramientas para llevar una vida saludable.

Starts : 2017-06-28
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edX Free English EdX Engineering Philosophy & Ethics TokyoTechX

Want to learn how to identify and solve every day ethical issues in engineering and science? If yes, this is the course for you! Ethics plays an integral role when it comes to engineering and science practice. This course teaches traditional preventive ethics but emphasizes aspirational ethics.

The learning objectives of this course are as follows:

  1. To recognize the significant social and environmental impact of engineering/scientific solutions.
  2. To apply a practical seven-step ethical guide to real-world cases.
  3. To critique, analyze, and develop best ethical solutions across micro- to meta- levels toward real-world problems.
  4. To understand how one behaves in an organization professionally as an ethical engineer.



1. 科学技術が人間社会や環境に与える影響を吟味することにより、技術者が重視すべき価値について理解し、これを共有しようとする態度を育成する。

2. 科学技術者が直面する可能性のある具体的な倫理問題の検討を通して、倫理的意思決定のための具体的な方法(セブン・ステップ・ガイド)を修得する。

3. 倫理的な科学技術者が、社会の福利に貢献できるだけでなく、自らの「よく生きること(well-being)」を維持し、高めることができることを理解する。

4. 具体的な事例の検討を通して、組織のなかで技術者がいかに行動すべきかを理解する。

5. 具体的な事例を分析するスキルを修得する。

Please note that slides in English will be available within the course. 

Starts : 2017-06-26
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For anyone who believes in the power of arts and creativity to make changes in people's lives and neighborhoods. Inspiring examples and useful skills for artists and those who work with people in health, educational, social and community settings.

Starts : 2017-06-20
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edX Free English EdX Electronics Engineering Physics UPValenciaX

En este curso aprenderás a diseñar, fabricar y programar tu propio robot (DYOR: Do Your Own Robot) con Arduino. Es una metodología que llevamos años implementando en asignaturas de robótica de la Universitat Politènica de València. Está principalmente enfocado a educadores en áreas de Tecnología e Informática, pero también para personas que quieren iniciarse en el mundo Maker.

El objetivo final del curso es disfrutéis aprendiendo en todo el proceso de diseño, fabricación y montaje del robot con actividades diversas, variadas y multidisciplinares. Por ello hemos preparado todos los contenidos necesarios que os permitirán fabricar un robot divertido, personalizable y de bajo coste partiendo desde cero y que vosotros podréis adaptar a vuestras necesidades. De forma orientativa, el coste de los materiales para fabricar el robot está en torno a los 65€, que correrán a cargo del alumno y que podrás comprar libremente donde más te interese.

El curso es idóneo para personas que quieran iniciarse en el mundo de la electrónica, fabricación digital y la robótica. Aprenderás a utilizar herramientas CAD (TinkerCAD), diseño electrónico (Fritzing) y programación por bloques de Arduino (Facilino) y apps Android (App Inventor2).

En el curso os explicamos divertidas actividades que podréis realizar con vuestros robots como generar emociones, reproducir melodías, controlar movimientos básicos, abrir/cerrar pinzas, seguir líneas, evitar obstáculos o controlar el robot remotamente desde un dispositivo móvil.