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Starts : 2017-06-28
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edX Free English EdX Engineering Math MITx Physics

This course is about the Laplace Transform, a single very powerful tool for understanding the behavior of a wide range of mechanical and electrical systems: from helicopters to skyscrapers, from light bulbs to cell phones. This tool captures the behavior of the system and displays it in highly graphical form that is used every day by engineers to design complex systems.

This course is centered on the concept of the transfer function of a system. Also called the system function, the transfer function completely describes the response of a system to any input signal in a highly conceptual manner. This visualization occurs not in the time domain, where we normally observe behavior of systems, but rather in the “frequency domain.” We need a device for moving from the time domain to the frequency domain; this is the Laplace transform.

We will illustrate these principles using concrete mechanical and electrical systems such as tuned mass dampers and RLC circuits.

Starts : 2017-06-12
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edX Free English EdX Health & Safety Humanities JaverianaX Law

¿Conoces acerca de los peligros y riesgos laborales?, ¿Sabes, cuántos accidentes de trabajo y cuántas enfermedades laborales se presentan anualmente y cuáles son sus costos? ¿Te has preguntado si las organizaciones se interesan por el ser humano que está al frente de los procesos laborales, de la misma manera en que se interesa por la obtención de beneficios y rentabilidad?

Los peligros, riesgos, accidentes y enfermedades laborales son flagelos de la productividad organizacional, que cada año cobran un alto costo social, económico y humano.  Este MOOC está dirigido a todas las personas interesadas en el tema de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo; empleados y/o empleadores públicos y privados, bajo cualquier modalidad de contratación y sector productivo.

A través de este MOOC reflexionaras acerca de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo como un derecho fundamental que te permitirá reconocer planes de acción para aportar a procesos de mejoramiento continuo que demuestren que la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo es una misión posible.

Starts : 2017-05-02
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edX Free English Art & Culture EdX Humanities MichiganX Social Sciences

Public libraries are becoming dynamic hubs for learning, civic engagement, and community.

This course will discuss strategies for gathering statistical and descriptive data about public library communities. Learners will identify local partners in education, social services, government agencies, and more.

While conducting real-world investigations, learners will gain deeper insight into the wants and needs of community organizations. This will empower learners to make better management decisions to address those needs, even in libraries with limited budgets.

Starts : 2017-05-30
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edX Free English Computer Science EdX W3Cx

This computer science course is an initiation to JavaScript programming and has been designed to help Web developers have an understanding of the basic concepts of the language.

JavaScript lets you add interactive features to your Web sites, including dynamically updated content, controlled multimedia, animated images, and much more.

The main objective of this course is to master good JavaScript best practices and to avoid the pitfalls of the language. We’ll use JavaScript within the Web browser.

Why JavaScript is worth your time:

  • HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are the “classic three” for developers and designers;
  • It allows you to add interactivity to your Web sites;
  • You can use JavaScript and HTML5 APIs to master multimedia and create custom graphics and animation, including audio and video players, music and sound effects, with the Canvas API;
  • Include reusable widgets and learn how to use third party libraries;
  • It is powerful, easy to learn, and quick to write;
  • It has great tools (editors, runtimes, lint tools, browsers) as well as great online support through plenty of active open source communities.

At the end of the course, we expect that you will be able to read the source code of any JavaScript example found on the Web, learn from it, tweak it, and even – why not? – start contributing to open-source JavaScript projects. This introductory course will make you think like a JavaScript developer.

Starts : 2017-05-23
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edX Free English Computer Science EdX UPValenciaX

Esta es el tercero de una serie de cursos de introducción al uso de sistemas de información en las empresas, diseñada en base al temario del examen USA CLEP  Sistemas de Información y Aplicaciones Informáticas que te introducirá en el apasionante mundo de las TIC.

En este curso aprenderás los conceptos básicos de la gestión de proyectos de desarrollo software.

Al completar la serie de 5 cursos, estarás preparado para aprobar el examen CLEP estadounidense de Sistemas de Información y Aplicaciones Informáticas.

Starts : 2017-06-01
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edX Free English Business & Management Economics & Finance EdX IIMBx

A successful manager makes good decisions. To make good decisions, you need to understand the market forces that impact your business and personal life. This is true for managers in large multinationals or small businesses, in non-profit organizations or in the government. Individuals and households also make decisions. They decide on what to learn, where to work, how much to save, where to invest, and what goods to buy, among others. Most modern societies depend on markets to organize economic activity: they are market economies. A large number of decisions you make as individuals or as managers relate to markets. So it is important for you to know how markets work and how to make good decisions as a manager or as an individual operating in a market environment. This is what this course will teach you.

Most business schools have a course on Managerial Economics as part of the MBA curriculum. Exposure to Economics is essential for all students of management. This course will provide a simple introduction to Managerial Economics and use minimum mathematics.

Starts : 2017-07-11
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edX Free English Biology & Life Sciences DartmouthX EdX Science Social Sciences

Have you ever wondered why humans walk on two legs rather than four? In this course, we will explore how science investigates this unusual form of locomotion. We will start our investigation by looking at the mechanics of upright walking in humans and comparing that to bipedal locomotion in large birds, bears, and apes.

We will journey back millions of years into the human fossil record in an effort to understand how and why upright walking evolved. Around our first birthday, each of us learned how to walk, but how does this happen? With bipedalism came costly trade-offs as well-- we’ll examine these aches and pains as byproducts of our evolutionary history.

This course will take an intentionally interdisciplinary approach to studying how and why humans move bipedally. You will be exposed to anthropology, biomechanics, anatomy, evolution and paleontology to explore something deeply human: upright walking.

Starts : 2016-09-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free History MIT OpenCourseWare Undergraduate

This seminar examines the global history of the last millennium, including technological change, commodity exchange, systems of production, and economic growth. Students engage with economic history, medieval and early modern origins of modern systems of production, consumption and global exchange. Topics include the long pre-history of modern economic development; medieval world systems; the age of discovery; the global crisis of the 17th century; demographic systems; global population movements; the industrial revolution; the rise of the modern consumer; colonialism and empire building; patterns of inequality, within and across states; the curse of natural resources fate of Africa; and the threat of climate change to modern economic systems. Students taking the graduate version complete additional assignments.

Starts : 2017-10-11
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edX Free English EdX Environmental Studies Social Sciences WBGx

Description de ce cours : Chaque région du monde présente des facteurs de vulnérabilité au changement climatique mais est néanmoins en mesure d’atténuer les effets de ce phénomène et de renforcer sa résilience. En ratifiant l’Accord de Paris, la communauté internationale a manifesté sa volonté d’agir. En effet, sans action climatique concertée, les progrès accomplis pendant des décennies en matière de développement seront menacés : nous nous trouvons donc à un moment décisif. Ce cours présente les données scientifiques les plus récentes sur la question, explique les différentes répercussions ressenties au plan régional, décrit les stratégies d’action climatique et mentionne différents types d’action qui s’offrent à vous.

Le cours « Bassions la Chaleur: de la science à l’action climatique » se déroule sur quatre semaines. Les deux premières seront consacrées à un tour d’horizon complet des données scientifiques disponibles sur le changement climatique, puis à la description des effets du réchauffement propres à certaines régions au XXIe siècle. Les deux dernières semaines seront axées sur les stratégies d’action que divers pays et régions mettent en œuvre pour relever le défi climatique ainsi que sur la manière dont chacun d’entre nous peut agir.

Format du cours

Ce MOOC est conçu selon un rythme hebdomadaire : il prévoit les ressources, les activités et les exercices qui vous sont destinés durant chacune des quatre semaines du cours. Chaque semaine, divers matériels pédagogiques seront mis à votre disposition :

  • Des présentations vidéo interactives effectuées par de grands spécialistes et praticiens des questions climatiques
  • Diverses ressources : activités interactives fondamentales ou optionnelles (approfondies) et distrayantes sur le thème de la semaine
  • Des interrogations destinées à évaluer vos connaissances, compléter l’enseignement donné et fournir une rétroaction immédiate
  • Des tâches qui affineront votre capacité d’analyse, de réflexion et de communication
  • Des forums de discussion et des échanges sur les médias sociaux pour collaborer avec d’autres habitants de la planète, tout en enrichissant l’interaction entre les participants
  • Une séance de questions-réponses interactive en direct avec des spécialistes internationaux du changement climatique sur l’application Google Hangout
  • Enfin, votre projet final consistera en un document numérique.


Starts : 2017-04-18
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edX Free English Business & Management Economics & Finance EdX New York Institute of Finance

Ready to start your career in M&A? If you’ve gained a clear, comprehensive understanding of M&A concepts and theories, your next step is to complete the M&A Certification Exam from the New York Institute of Finance.

To earn your Professional Certificate in Mergers & Acquisitions from NYIF, you must pass this exam.

The exam is 20 questions, timed at one hour. To qualify for the certificate, learners must receive a grade of at least 70% or better.

Prerequisite to sit for this exam is to earn a Verified Certificate in all 5 M&A courses from NYIF:

Starts : 2017-05-08
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edX Free English ASUx EdX Math

In this college-level Precalculus course, you will prepare for calculus by focusing on quantitative reasoning and functions. You’ll develop the skills to describe the behavior and properties of linear, exponential, logarithmic, polynomial, rational, and trigonometric functions.

Content in this course will be adaptive, allowing you to achieve mastery in a certain concept before moving on to the next. Utilizing the ALEKS learning system, students in this personalized, self-paced course will be instructed on the topics they are most ready to learn while also providing individualized coaching as you move through each topic.

Before taking this course, you should already have a strong understanding of algebraic skills such as factoring, basic equation solving, and the rules of exponents and radicals.

This 3 credit hour course satisfies the Mathematical Studies (MA) general studies requirement at Arizona State University. This course may satisfy a general education requirement at other institutions; however, it is strongly encouraged that you consult with your institution of choice to determine how these credits will be applied to their degree requirements prior to transferring the credit.

Starts : 2017-05-01
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Learn to teach English, upgrade your teaching skills, and become an accredited TESOL Certified Language Teacher.

Starts : 2017-05-15
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Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the Western was the most popular film genre in the United States. This course offers fascinating insights into American culture and the American frontier. Saddle up and ride with us into the Hollywood West.

Starts : 2017-05-01
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Develop English language skills by reading and writing personal stories. Practice grammar and vocabulary. Meet and work with other English language learners from all over the world. Join us to Tell Your Story in English!

Starts : 2017-05-01
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Cada Dia English - Aprenda inglés en vivo con profesores norteamericanos.

Starts : 2017-04-18
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edX Free English Computer Science EdX Microsoft

Interested in gaining the basic skills needed to use Windows Server technology? Want to power the next generation of optimized networks, applications, and web services? This course is for you!

An introduction to Windows Server, this self-paced course provides the basic knowledge required to install and administer the Windows Server 2016 server operating system.

Through videos, discussions, hands-on labs, and assessments, you will put in place the appropriate installation and migration strategy, as well as set up the logical and physical components for your Windows Server environment.

Part of the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Fundamentals XSeries, this course can help you decide if a career in IT is right for you and prepare you for an introductory job in Windows Server administration. You’ll study for Microsoft certification tests and badges, and improve your skills in supporting different Windows Server installation scenarios.