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edX Free English Computer Science EdX W3Cx

HTML5 is the standard language of the Web, developed by W3C. For application developers and industry, HTML5 represents a set of features that people will be able to rely on for years to come. HTML5 is supported on a wide variety of devices, lowering the cost of creating rich applications to reach users everywhere.

Whatever mobile phones, connected objects, game consoles, automobile dashboards, and devices that haven’t even been considered yet, HTML5 helps write once and deploy anywhere!

In this course, you will learn all the new HTML5 features to help create great Web sites and applications in a simplified but powerful way. HTML5 provides native support for video and audio without plug-ins, provides support for offline applications, for games with smooth interactive animations, and much more. 

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edX Free English Communication EdX Energy & Earth Sciences Environmental Studies UQx

In public discussions, climate change is a highly controversial topic. However, in the scientific community, there is little controversy with 97% of climate scientists concluding humans are causing global warming.

  • Why the gap between the public and scientists?
  • What are the psychological and social drivers of the rejection of the scientific consensus?
  • How has climate denial influenced public perceptions and attitudes towards climate change?

This course examines the science of climate science denial.

We will look at the most common climate myths from “global warming stopped in 1998” to “global warming is caused by the sun” to “climate impacts are nothing to worry about.”

We’ll find out what lessons are to be learnt from past climate change as well as better understand how climate models predict future climate impacts. You’ll learn both the science of climate change and the techniques used to distort the science.

With every myth we debunk, you’ll learn the critical thinking needed to identify the fallacies associated with the myth. Finally, armed with all this knowledge, you’ll learn the psychology of misinformation. This will equip you to effectively respond to climate misinformation and debunk myths.

This isn’t just a climate MOOC; it’s a MOOC about how people think about climate change.

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edX Free English Biology & Life Sciences EdX Food & Nutrition Health & Safety WageningenX

Food plays a central role in our society but few people actually understand what it does to our bodies. Learn more about nutrition and how our diet  profoundly impacts our current and future health. The course will focus on undernutrition and micronutrients. The team of Professors from Wageningen University will introduce you to vitamins and minerals and their role in human health.

The course will address the micronutrient content of foods and will cover the role of the various micronutrients in the body.  In addition, NUTR102x will discuss how suboptimal nutrition may affect human health and will pay particular attention to global hunger and malnutrition.

No previous knowledge needed but course adds to knowledge from NUTR101x. Join us to learn more about nutrition and health.

NUTR102x is part of the Nutrition-Food for Health xSeries of Wageningen University.

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edX Free English Computer Science EdX W3Cx

This course was developed in partnership between W3C and Intel®.

Learn the basics of Web design and style to give your Web sites a professional look and feel. The Intel® XDK team and experts from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will guide you step-by-step in how to use the latest Web standards to create a site to be proud of.

During the course, you will learn the basic building blocks of Web design and style – HTML5 and CSS – to give your site a professional look and feel.

By the end of the course, you should understand all the fundamental elements – from headers and links to images and sidebars – and leave having built a basic framework for your own Web site. 

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edX Free English Biology & Life Sciences EdX Food & Nutrition Health & Safety WageningenX

Food plays a central role in our society but few people actually understand what it does to our bodies. Learn more about nutrition and how our diet profoundly impacts our current and future health.This introductory nutrition course addresses the relationship between nutrition and human health with a focus on health problems related to overnutrition.

In this course, Professor Sander Kersten from Wageningen University will introduce you to the chemistry of the three macronutrients fat, carbohydrate and protein. You will learn how macronutrients are absorbed, stored, and metabolized for energy, and you will gain a contemporary view of how different types of fats, carbohydrates and proteins affect human health. Moreover, NUTR101x will cover energy homeostasis and the regulation of bodyweight, and provides ample coverage of the topic of obesity. Finally, the course will make you familiar with nutritional research and research methodologies.

No previous knowledge needed. By completing this course, you will have the necessary tools to better weigh and interpret the information overload about nutrition and health.

NUTR101x is part of the Nutrition - Food for Health XSeries of Wageningen University. To continue learning, check out Nutrition and Health Part 2, which focuses on malnutrition. 

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edX Free English Computer Science EdX W3Cx

This computer science course is an initiation to JavaScript programming and has been designed to help Web developers have an understanding of the basic concepts of the language. This course was developed in partnership between W3C and University Côte d'Azur.

JavaScript lets you add interactive features to your Web sites, including dynamically updated content, controlled multimedia, animated images, and much more.

The main objective of this course is to master good JavaScript best practices and to avoid the pitfalls of the language. We’ll use JavaScript within the Web browser.

Why JavaScript is worth your time:

  • HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are the “classic three” for developers and designers;
  • It allows you to add interactivity to your Web sites;
  • You can use JavaScript and HTML5 APIs to master multimedia and create custom graphics and animation, including audio and video players, music and sound effects, with the Canvas API;
  • Include reusable widgets and learn how to use third party libraries;
  • It is powerful, easy to learn, and quick to write;
  • It has great tools (editors, runtimes, lint tools, browsers) as well as great online support through plenty of active open source communities.

At the end of the course, we expect that you will be able to read the source code of any JavaScript example found on the Web, learn from it, tweak it, and even – why not? – start contributing to open-source JavaScript projects. This introductory course will make you think like a JavaScript developer.

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edX Free English Biology & Life Sciences EdX Food & Nutrition Health & Safety WageningenX

Everyday reports of food scandals and recalls are published. One day it’s scary bacteria in meat, and another day it’s dangerous pesticides in fruits. According to some, meat needs to be cooked well to prevent food-borne illness while others warn not to heat food to prevent the formation of poisonous substances.

Many consumers worry about the conflicting and confusing messages about food hazards

This nutrition and health course will teach you about the hazards associated with food and give you the tools to assess and quantify the dangers they can present. You will learn the effects of food processing, the shared responsibility in the food chain and the prevention of food poisoning/intoxication. After this course, you will be able to differentiate what is a food myth vs. an actual risk. Finally, you will gain a contemporary view of how different risks can be weighed in a scientific way.

This course is part of the Nutrition: Healthy Food for Better Living XSeries.

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edX Free English DelftX EdX Energy & Earth Sciences

Are you fascinated by Geosciences and willing to take the challenge of predicting the nature and behavior of the Earth subsurface? This is your course!

In a voyage through the Earth, Geoscience: the Earth and its Resources will explore the Earth interior and the processes forming mountains and sedimentary basins. You will understand how the sediments are formed, transported, deposited and deformed.

You will develop knowledge on the behavior of petroleum and water resources.

The course has an innovative approach focusing on key fundamental processes, exploring their nature and quantitative interactions. It will be shown how this acquired knowledge is used to predict the nature and behavior of the Earth subsurface.

This is your ideal first step as a future Geoscientists or professional to upgrade your knowledge in the domain of Earth Sciences.

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edX Free English Computer Science EdX Engineering MITx Science

This course is the first of a two-course sequence: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python, and Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science. Together, they are designed to help people with no prior exposure to computer science or programming learn to think computationally and write programs to tackle useful problems. Some of the people taking the two courses will use them as a stepping stone to more advanced computer science courses, but for many it will be their first and last computer science courses. This run features updated lecture videos, lecture exercises, and problem sets to use the new version of Python 3.5. Even if you took the course with Python 2.7, you will be able to easily transition to Python 3.5 in future courses, or enroll now to refresh your learning. 

Since these courses may be the only formal computer science courses many of the students take, we have chosen to focus on breadth rather than depth. The goal is to provide students with a brief introduction to many topics so they will have an idea of what is possible when they need to think about how to use computation to accomplish some goal later in their career. That said, they are not "computation appreciation" courses. They are challenging and rigorous courses in which the students spend a lot of time and effort learning to bend the computer to their will.

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edX Free English Computer Science EdX W3Cx

Have you just begun your journey into Web development? This course will introduce you to the basics of Web design and teach you how to style your Web site for a professional look and feel.

The Microsoft team and experts from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will guide you step-by-step in using the latest Web standards to structure your content and presentation like a professional. In this course, you will explore numerous CSS features to help you control the look and feel of your site such as colors, fonts and layout. By the end of the course, you should understand all the fundamental elements of CSS and how to use them effectively.

It is recommended that you are at least a little familiar with HTML before taking this course, but we will be providing you with the HTML code when necessary.

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edX Free English Chemistry EdX Engineering Science WageningenX

In a biorefinery a complex biobased feedstock is separated and processed in such a way that sustainability and application opportunities are maximized. In this course we will focus on tools and techniques to efficiently disentangle, separate and convert different biomass based feedstocks into simpler (functional) components.

First we will discuss available techniques and processes for biomass activation/disentanglement and separation.

Next we explore how to design a biorefinery taking into account feedstock and sustainable energy use. Therefore we will dive into:

  • mass and energy balances;
  • design of biorefinery process units to obtain multiple products from one type of biomass;
  • how to recover energy and resources in the biorefinery system;
  • evaluation of the designed system with respect to sustainability and economic criteria;
  • evaluation of criteria for successful implementation (operational and investment costs).

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edX Free English Business & Management EdX UPValenciaX

En este curso conocerás diferentes estilos de liderazgo y las situaciones en las que son más adecuados; reflexionarás sobre las capacidades personales para ejercer un liderazgo eficaz; analizarás tu competencia transversal “liderazgo” y establecerás un plan de trabajo personal para mejorar tus habilidades como líder y convertirte en un líder eficaz.

Para que una organización pueda avanzar en la dirección adecuada son necesarias dos cosas: saber a dónde ir y orientar los esfuerzos de las personas que hacen posible el movimiento.

En todos los grupos (familiares, deportivos, asociaciones...) existen personas que ejercen mayor influencia que otras y a las que se suele denominar líderes.

En las organizaciones los líderes no sólo se encuentran dentro de las estructuras formales de la organización, sino también en los grupos informales de trabajo. Los líderes deberían crear y mantener un ambiente interno en el cual el personal pueda llegar a involucrarse totalmente en el logro de los objetivos de la organización, construyendo un puente entre el entorno externo y el grupo, las tareas que realizan y los procesos internos del grupo que permiten realizarlas. Ayudando así a identificar, interpretar y alinear los requerimientos de los clientes internos y externos.

Dentro de un contexto de organizaciones “planas” con pocos niveles de mando, los líderes deben asumir las responsabilidades que tradicionalmente estaban repartidas entre las jerarquías de dirección. Lo cierto es que los miembros del grupo necesitan un apoyo activo por parte del líder para poder cumplir sus responsabilidades con justicia y honestidad. Por ello, el papel del líder debe cambiar, pasando de ser un planificador o alguien que toma decisiones, a ser un entrenador, orientador, emprendedor y facilitador que anima y asegura una planificación eficaz y una toma de decisiones distribuida. Un error muy común en este proceso de cambio es que los líderes pasan de un extremo al otro, esto es, de un estilo "ordeno y mando" a la abdicación. Sin embargo, lo que se precisa de ellos es un papel situado en algún punto intermedio entre ambos extremos. En este curso te enseñaremos a encontrar este punto adecuado que te convertirá en un líder eficaz.

Este curso forma parte del MicroMasters Program de UPValenciaX “Liderazgo y trabajo en equipo en grupos de mejora continua”, diseñado para prepararte como líder y gestor de equipos de mejora continua en entornos de lean manufacturing y 6-sigma.

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edX Free Closed [?] English Art & Culture EdX History Humanities Literature UAMx

This MOOC focuses on Spanish history between the Renaissance and Baroque periods—a time when the Spanish culture set the tone in the Western world.

The monarchy of this Spain created the first global empire of History. The greatest literary works of this period, including La Celestina, Lazarillo de Tormes, were immediately translated in the first European and American printing houses. Spanish fashion was the trendiest at the Courts of Early Modern Europe. Spanish military and political treaties set the standard for political machinations of the era.

In this period—between the 16th and 17th centuries—, Spain’s society achieved excellence in Arts and Literature. Exceptional and talented people such as Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Velázquez, were drawn to Madrid. Literary academies, theatre productions and celebrations flourished in other big cities of the Empire as Seville, Lisbon, Barcelona, Naples, Mexico, and Lima. A synthesis of nations united for the loyalty to the Crown and the Catholic faith. In our tour through the Spain of Don Quixote, we will discuss the relationship between fantastic to real geography. Society was polarized between the privileged—nobility and clergy—and the poor and rogues. Humanism was cultivated in universities. Family, food, housing, games, and celebrations played a part in everyday life.

In times of Don Quixote, the lights of Literature and Art geniuses shined upon the shadows of the Inquisition. Let’s travel to this sublime culture of Spanish Golden Age.

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edX Free English BabsonX Business & Management Economics & Finance EdX

How do you find the money necessary to effectively manage your business? How do you know if a business opportunity is worthwhile? When should you invest in a stock, bond or company? Do you fear the financial side of growing your organization?

This finance course will take the mystery out of financial analysis and help you make the right business decisions. In order to establish your company you need to secure funding. Once you have money, you need to determine the most efficient and effective use of your capital. You also need to have the knowledge to have professional and engaging conversations with finance professionals who control access to funding.

In this course, you will discover a variety of options for funding your business and how to successfully negotiate financial opportunities. You will learn how to value and evaluate ideas to determine the appropriate benefits and costs in order to screen them correctly. Finally, you will learn how to value a business and the securities you can use to potentially fund your organization.

This course is part of the Business Principles and Entrepreneurial Thought XSeries.

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edX Free English Education & Teacher Training EdX UMUC USMx

Technology, digital media and mobile access have changed how people learn. Today’s students want to be engaged and self-directed with digital content, available anytime, anywhere. This is a challenge for instructional designers as they create online learning experiences.

As an instructional designer, it’s critical to understand emerging learning theories including Bloom’s taxonomy and constructivism and how they relate to the way people learn in our digitally connected world. This course, which is part of the Instructional Design and Technology MicroMasters Program, explores the evolution of learning theories from traditional Socratic methods to emerging learning sciences. Additionally, you will explore curriculum design models using performance-based assessments to create effective and engaging learning experiences.

After a solid foundation of how people learn today, you will explore technology’s role in supporting and enhancing the teaching and learning process.

Previous background in teaching or professional development is a plus, but not required. Join us and launch your career as an instructional designer.

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edX Free English Business & Management EdX Humanities JaverianaX Law

¿Sabes qué es la gestión de riesgos? ¿Conoces su importancia en la actualidad? ¿Te gustaría conocer acerca de su impacto en el desarrollo sostenible de una organización? En un mundo globalizado, la incertidumbre hace parte de la gestión directiva y organizacional en contextos dinámicos y cambiantes; por ejemplo, los acontecimientos históricos que llevaron a la crisis económica en Norteamericana y en Europa, el aumento progresivo del terrorismo y la inestabilidad reputacional en las redes de información, entre otros acontecimientos, hace que las organizaciones necesiten gestionar los escenarios que pondrían en peligro su sostenibilidad económica y social.

Es así, como la Gestión de Riesgo, cobra vital relevancia en el ámbito Organizacional actual, entendiendo que una organización sostenible es aquella que gestiona sus riesgos y aprovecha las oportunidades logrando el balance económico, social y ambiental para el cumplimiento de su estrategia y el desarrollo integral armónico de la Organización. 

A través de este MOOC comprenderás la importancia de la Gestión de Riesgos para asegurar la operativización exitosa de la estrategia de una organización, entendiendo que la identificación y gestión de las oportunidades y los riesgos garantizará que el desarrollo organizacional y el cumplimiento de la estrategia sean lo más armónicos y sostenibles posibles.

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edX Free English Biology & Life Sciences EdX Science Social Sciences UAMx

¿Es el ADN un microchip que nos guía por la vida? ¿Somos los seres humanos parte de la evolución?¿Por qué no hay dos personas iguales? Este curso ofrece una aproximación cercana y comprensible a las disciplinas de la genética y la evolución, para exponer la importancia de conceptos como ADN, gen, cromosoma, mutación, o selección natural, revelando cómo se interrelacionan de forma accesible cualquier persona interesada. Para ello se emplean ejemplos y demostraciones que facilitan la comprensión de todos los aspectos relevantes, así como permiten que el estudiante detecte la importancia de estas disciplinas en su propio entorno.

El curso analiza en detalle los mecanismos evolutivos, la especiación y el origen de la vida y de toda la variedad de especies de bacterias, hongos, plantas y animales que existen en la Tierra. También analiza el futuro de la diversidad y del planeta, y explica lo que tenemos en común todos los seres vivos, y qué nos diferencia de los seres inertes. A lo largo de las lecciones, se explican las características del ADN y cómo almacena la información para crear vida. El origen de los distintos genes y de las distintas variantes de cada gen, así como las consecuencias que tiene su existencia: desde la determinación del grupo sanguíneo hasta el origen de enfermedades. Con especial énfasis en cómo afecta la genética a nuestra especie: hasta qué punto es responsable de nuestro comportamiento, o de la expresión de algunas de las enfermedades genéticas, del origen de algunos tipos de cáncer o de las enfermedades víricas. También propone un enfoque descriptivo de otros aspectos sorprendentes de la biología, desde cómo trabajan las hormonas hasta cómo el cerebro se encarga de recordarnos que debemos alimentarnos para sobrevivir.

En el curso “Genética y evolución: una aproximación cotidiana” el alumno adquiere una sólida perspectiva sobre el grado de importancia de la genética en su vida personal, en su entorno y en nuestra sociedad. Así como alcanza un firme punto de vista sobre el papel de la evolución en el origen, mantenimiento y diversidad de especies. La formación ofrecida en las disciplinas de la genética y la evolución ofrece aptitudes complementarias para los campos de conocimiento de la biomedicina, la biotecnología o la psicología. Así como una formación global muy adecuada para estudiantes inquietos de cualquier disciplina que quieran consolidar un conocimiento sobre nuestro genoma, nuestra especie, nuestro planeta y los seres que lo habitamos.

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edX Free English Computer Science EdX Microsoft

Would you like to build the skillset necessary to power the next generation of Windows Server optimized networks, applications, and web services? Then you’re in the right place!

This self-paced course will help you understand and implement an IP addressing scheme, and set up a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) network infrastructure. You will also implement a Domain Name Services (DNS) infrastructure, including resource records, zones, and security. 

Through videos, discussions, hands-on labs, and assessments you will put in place the appropriate networking strategy for your Windows Server environment.

Part of the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Fundamentals XSeries, this course will improve your skills in configuring and managing networks and help you decide.

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edX Free English Computer Science EdX TUMx

The world of software engineering requires high flexibility, an influx of new ideas, and the courage to challenge traditional approaches. As a software engineer, you need to know the methods, workflows and tools to handle continuously growing complexity and shortened development cycles. You must be able to work in teams to build high-quality software.

In this course, we will introduce the basic concepts of object-oriented software engineering. You will learn and apply UML modeling, patterns and project management techniques that are used when developing complex software systems.

This course is interactive. You will watch videos in which we explain critical theory. You will participate in online exercises to practice your knowledge including quizzes, UML modeling with peer reviews, and programming exercises with immediate feedback

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edX Free English EdX Electronics Engineering MITx

In this engineering course, you will learn about diodes, bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETs and semiconductor properties.

This course is part 1 of a series that explain the basis of the electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of materials including semiconductors, metals, organics, and insulators. You will learn how devices are built to take advantage of these properties. This is illustrated with a wide range of devices, placing a strong emphasis on new and emerging technologies.

Part 2 - 3.15.2x: Optical Materials and Devices
Part 3 - 3.15.3x: Magnetic Materials and Devices