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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management EdX IDBx

*** Este curso será dado em português. ***

Um dos desafios enfrentados diariamente pelas instituições públicas, organizações não governamentais, agências de desenvolvimento e outros agentes que promovem o desenvolvimento econômico e social na América Latina e no Caribe é transformar propostas em realidades concretas que melhorem o bem-estar da sociedade e permitam que esses resultados sejam alcançados dentro do prazo e com os recursos disponíveis.

Este curso apresenta conceitos e ferramentas que podem ser aplicados na gestão de projetos e gerar uma mudança substancial para atingir os objetivos propostos. Assim, este MOOC se propõe a fortalecer a capacidade de gestão de projetos de desenvolvimento na região para que sejam executados de forma eficaz e efetiva.

Este curso inclui casos práticos que ajudam a entender os principais conceitos e ferramentas para o gerenciamento de projetos, apresentações de pessoal certificado como Project Management Professional (PMP)®, com ampla experiência no assunto, fóruns de discussão e leituras selecionadas.

A base conceitual deste curso é a metodologia PM4R (Project Management for Results), desenvolvida pelo Instituto Interamericano de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (INDES), do BID, cujos conteúdos baseiam-se no Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., 2013.

Embora essas melhores práticas tenham estado presentes por muitos anos em projetos empresariais privados, nos últimos anos, o BID tem liderado o processo de sua incorporação progressiva ao setor público e aos projetos de desenvolvimento, contribuindo para a construção de realidades que melhoram vidas.

O INDES, como um Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), foi aprovado pelo Project Management Institute (PMI)® para fornecer 30 unidades de desenvolvimento profissional (PDUs), caso você obtenha o certificado deste curso.

Se tiver qualquer dúvida, envie um e-mail para idbx@iadb.org.

A preparação deste curso foi financiada pelo Fundo de Fortalecimento da Capacidade Institucional (FISC), graças à contribuição do governo da República Popular da China.

PMBOK é uma marca registrada do Project Management Institute, Inc.

Starts : 2017-10-23 in 5 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Computer Science EdX UMUC USMx

The exciting field of Cloud Computing is rapidly changing how businesses operate today. Cloud computing provides rapid access to shared pools of resources, such as: compute, storage, networks, applications, services, or libraries using an on-demand, utility-based model. The characteristics of a cloud computing model include: self-service, network access, resource pools, rapid elasticity, and metered resource usage. As with any large-scale shift, new skills and processes must be learned and implemented to overcome management challenges. Existing business processes, workflows, and policies must be adapted to account for this new technology.

This course, part of the Cloud Computing MicroMasters program, focuses on commonly encountered management issues with the adoption and implementation of cloud computing. Examples include: Cloud migration, Cloud Requests for Proposals, Cloud Service Level Agreements, and other business process compliance issues.

You will examine these issues in depth, then review industry best practices and other case studies to develop the techniques that address and mitigate them. Business processes such as procurement, vendor management, and end-user management are also covered.

Starts : 2017-10-23 in 5 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Biology & Life Sciences Computer Science EdX UMUC USMx

Proteins play a very important role in all organisms. In fact, most of the work that happens inside every cell happens because a specific protein is employed for a specific task. Often the three-dimensional shape of a protein plays a major role in its function. As such, it is important to know the structure of all proteins to have an idea of what function they perform.

One of the jobs of a bioinformatician is to predict the three-dimensional structure of a protein using only the DNA sequence that encodes it as well as determining the effects of any mutations in the DNA on the three-dimensional structure/function.

In this course, part of the Bioinformatics MicroMasters program, you will learn about protein structure and its impact on function, practice aligning protein sequences to discover differences, and generate model structures of proteins using web and software-based approaches.

Starts : 2017-10-24 in 6 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management EdX Engineering Social Sciences WageningenX

Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable society? Tackle the challenges in the transition towards a circular economy? In this course you will analyse what it takes to create a circular economy including sustainable supply chains.

Circular economy challenge

The transition towards a circular economy is one of the biggest challenges in order to create a more sustainable society. This transition requires an interdisciplinary approach, combining socio-technical, managerial, and environmental considerations.

Valuable resources often end up as waste. We challenge you to find and analyse examples of this in your own environment. You could consider possible solutions to reduce or recycle waste, but you soon realise that waste is not the only problem. Precious materials such as copper, gold and phosphorus are gradually disappearing. Water is becoming scarce, pollution of water and air is massive and a lot of food is thrown away.

Right now we design products from cradle to grave: from production to consumption to waste, which is a linear model. But we should design products from cradle to cradle: in a closed loop whereby they don’t become waste, but valuable resources again. And when we start thinking in circles, we might as well try to reinvent not just supply chains, but entire systems.

Because that’s what we have been doing with sustainability: we have been departing from the status quo, while cradle to cradle and circular pushes us to think outside the box.

Conventional understanding of sustainability proposes activities defined in terms of decreasing and reducing, such as ‘zero footprint’, ‘zero waste’, reduction of pollution, reduction of energy consumption. The focus is on reducing negative impacts. We call this eco-efficiency, which is often seen as a goal in itself – we can keep doing what we do, just strive to do it less.

Cradle to Cradle celebrates abundance; it recognises that people, just like ants and trees, are abundant and have a large impact on their environment. The challenge is to make this impact a positive one and we invite you to join this challenge!

Systems approach to circular economy

In this course, we therefore take a systems approach to the circular economy, considering different stakeholder perspectives, their incentive structures, and their impacts on circular alternatives.

The circular solutions will be identified by technological assessment using applied as well as emerging technologies. Since identifying and evaluating potential circular alternatives based on quantitative techniques is key in achieving sustainable solutions, you will also learn how to use life cycle assessment and agent-based modelling to assess the socio-technical and manageable challenges and environmental benefits of alternative solutions.

By integrating all perspectives in a case study, you will learn how to comprehensively and critically assess strategies to transition towards a circular economy.

Starts : 2017-10-24 in 6 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Computer Science Design EdX MichiganX

In this UX course, learners will be introduced to techniques for gaining UX insights from large numbers of users, including web analytics, A/B testing, and remote unmoderated studies. We will discuss how these techniques work, when they can be applied, and what can be learned by using them.

This course is part of the User Experience (UX) Research and Design MicroMasters Program offered by MichiganX.

Starts : 2017-10-24 in 6 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English AdelaideX Computer Science Data Analysis & Statistics EdX

Organizations now have access to massive amounts of data and it’s influencing the way they operate. They are realizing in order to be successful they must leverage their data to make effective business decisions.

In this course, part of the Big Data MicroMasters program, you will learn how big data is driving organisational change and the key challenges organizations face when trying to analyse massive data sets.

You will learn fundamental techniques, such as data mining and stream processing. You will also learn how to design and implement PageRank algorithms using MapReduce, a programming paradigm that allows for massive scalability across hundreds or thousands of servers in a Hadoop cluster. You will learn how big data has improved web search and how online advertising systems work.

By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of the various applications of big data methods in industry and research.

Starts : 2017-10-25 in 7 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Art & Culture EdX Humanities Literature UBCx

Have you created an outline and now feel prepared to start writing your novel? Or have you started a novel draft only to find your interest or confidence waning? In this course, the international best-selling authors and professors from The University of British Columbia’s renowned MFA program introduce the essential fiction craft toolbox for writers struggling with the common hurdles of first drafts. 

While ideas and inspiration are often enough to ignite interest in writing a novel, writers can quickly lose confidence, especially when their best efforts have inadvertently produced flat characters, waning conflicts, tangled plots and weak dialogue. Reaching your goal of writing (and perhaps, publishing) a novel requires an understanding of fiction’s deeper mechanics and a familiarity with the specific craft elements that will help translate your creativity and imagination into compelling paragraphs, scenes and chapters.

Through writing exercises aimed at developing new skills, concrete examples from published novels, feedback and discussion with fellow writers and opportunities to identify and strengthen weaknesses in their own projects, learners will broaden their knowledge of fiction craft as they explore creating memorable characters, the art of scene design, tactics for managing unwieldy plots and steps for writing layered and meaningful dialogue.

Whether you’re beginning your novel draft or nearing the end, this course is a unique opportunity to learn the essentials of strong fiction writing from award-winning authors sharing their proven methods and approaches.

The course is recommended for professional and aspiring writers, writing groups, those participating in NaNoWriMo, teachers and anyone who has a novel in progress.

Starts : 2017-10-25 in 7 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English EdX MITx Physics

In this quantum physics course you will acquire concrete knowledge of quantum mechanics by learning to solve the Schrodinger equation for important classes of one-dimensional potentials. We study the associated energy eigenstates and bound states. The harmonic oscillator is solved using the differential equation as well as algebraically, using creation and annihilation operators. We discuss barrier penetration and the Ramsauer-Townsend effect.

This is the second course in a series which includes:

The series is based on the MIT 8.04: Quantum Mechanics I. At MIT, 8.04 is the first of a three-course sequence in Quantum Mechanics, a cornerstone in the education of physics majors that prepares them for advanced and specialized studies in any field related to quantum physics.

After completing the 8.04x series, you will be ready to tackle the Mastering Quantum Mechanics course series on edX, which will be available in Spring 2018.

Starts : 2017-10-26 in 8 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Data Analysis & Statistics EdX IIMBx Social Sciences

Have you ever wondered about the right methods to improve productivity, configure your supply chain or address the demand on hand?

In recent years, businesses have strived to improve productivity and quality, reduce costs and delivery times, and embrace flexibility and innovation. These strategies are part of the Operations Management (OM) activities that service and manufacturing organizations engage in. 

Operations Management helps you to understand the role of OM in a firm and to develop abilities to structure and solve operations related problems. The course will empower you with skills to address important aspects of business operations including capacity, productivity, quality, and supply chain.

You will understand how operations in an organization are configured and factors that can potentially drive the complexity of managing such operations. We will also introduce concepts like estimating capacity, identifying bottlenecks, and de-bottlenecking.

Throughout the course, you will join us in discussions on productivity improvement methods, development of quality assurance systems and configuration of supply chains.

The course will equip you with the right tools, techniques and skills to estimate, compute, analyze and configure key elements of operations management.

Starts : 2017-10-26 in 8 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management EdX IIMBx

Are you a student, professional, educator, home-maker or someone who dreams of someday starting your own venture?

This hands-on, action oriented business and management course will introduce you to a systematic, scientific and an easy process of testing your ideas and opportunities you envision.

You will learn the “DO your Venture” ideology, which will teach you common paths entrepreneurs take when launching their own venture. You will also learn the tools and techniques for generating ideas and then test your ideas in the field and gather feedback.

The course will end with a focus on the Lean Canvas business model and effectuation, which is a set of decision-making principles expert entrepreneurs use in situations of uncertainty.

Starts : 2017-10-30 in 12 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Computer Science EdX UWashingtonX

In this course, you will focus on the pathways to cybersecurity career success. You will determine your own incoming skills, talent, and deep interests to apply toward a meaningful and informed exploration of 32 Digital Pathways of Cybersecurity.

You will complete a self-assessment comprised of elements needed to determine essential next steps on your career path.

Starts : 2017-10-30 in 12 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Computer Science Design EdX RITx

Video games as a medium go back more than 50 years to mainframe computers. Even the central design of video games can be traced back to the first games themselves.

To be a good game designer, it’s essential to have an understanding of the video game design industry’s fascinating history.

We’ve partnered with The Strong National Museum of Play to give you a unique look into the history of all things video game. The International Center for the History of Electronic Games at The Strong is the largest and most comprehensive public assemblage of video games and related materials in the world. The staff are celebrated experts in the field and the ICHEG is visited by scholars of video games from around the world. You’ll gain amazing insight into the history of video games with a guided exploration of key artifacts from the collection of more than 100,000 electronic games and materials.

Starts : 2017-10-30 in 12 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Biology & Life Sciences EdX MichiganX

In this anatomy course, part of the Anatomy XSeries, you will be introduced to the central and peripheral nervous systems. You will learn about basic neuroanatomy, sensory pathways, motor pathways and the autonomic nervous system.

The course includes illustrated lecture videos and quizzes to help you expand and test your knowledge of the nervous system.

By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of how the entire body influences, and is influenced, by the nervous system.

Starts : 2017-10-31 in 13 days
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Canvas.net Free Closed [?]

Be empowered to teach Java programming because every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to program.

Starts : 2017-10-31 in 13 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English EdX Health & Safety MichiganX Social Sciences

Understand social work practice through the critical examination of methods associated with decision-making, critical thinking, and ethical judgment.

The course integrates the core themes related to multiculturalism and diversity; social justice and social change; promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation; and behavioral and social science research.

You will learn how to formulate appropriate research questions and hypotheses, techniques for testing relationships and patterns among variables, methods of data collection, methods to assess and improve the validity and reliability of data and measures, and the ethics of scientific inquiry.

This course will cover:

• quantitative and qualitative research methods

• commonly used statistical procedures

• approaches to the evaluation of practice

Learn how to understand and appreciate a scientific approach to building practice knowledge and for evaluating practice, and to use research to advocate for clients and inform policy. Special emphasis will be placed on increasing one's ability to formulate research questions, apply research methods, conduct statistical analysis, and interpret research reports. The latest statistical, graphical, and display technologies will be used.

This course is part of the Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research MicroMasters Program offered by MichiganX.

Starts : 2017-10-31 in 13 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management EdX LouvainX

In this business and management course, you’ll learn how make effective supply chain decisions that take into consideration all aspects of your business.

The course will take a helicopter view for decision-making. The helicopter view is built upon:

  • Key questions to decide on: manufacturing organization, late differentiation, location, distribution networks, …
  • Objectives relevant to your business: cost, speed, flexibility, reliability, …

We will work through questions such as:

  • Should you locate a process in a given country? This decision has an obvious impact on your HR costs, but it also affects your working capital and your ability to react to the market needs.
  • Should you centralize your distribution? This decision leads to economies of scale and a better product availability, but it also impacts your carbon emission.

By the end of this course, you will have built a framework that allows you to make better decisions.

Starts : 2017-10-31 in 13 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English EdX Engineering Environmental Studies LouvainX

Comment décrire l’écoulement d’une rivière ou d’un fleuve ? Quelle influence un rétrécissement local ou une pile de pont dans la rivière peuvent-ils avoir sur le niveau d’eau ? Quels aménagements vont permettre de limiter les impacts d’événements naturels tels qu’une crue ou une inondation sur la population et les villes avoisinantes ? Autant de questions qui reflètent l’importance de la compréhension du fonctionnement des cours d’eau.

Face aux enjeux majeurs liés à la problématique de l’eau, ce MOOC en hydraulique à surface libre va vous donner des clés pour comprendre les écoulements et leurs interactions avec l’environnement. Cette compréhension joue un rôle primordial pour assurer une gestion responsable et concevoir des aménagements qui permettent de tirer profit des cours d’eau tout en préservant l’environnement des impacts négatifs.

Ce cours résulte d’une collaboration entre experts de plusieurs universités. Durant les quatre semaines de cours, vous serez confrontés à la modélisation des écoulements à surface libre, en allant de l’écoulement uniforme aux écoulements graduellement et brusquement variés avec les ressauts hydrauliques. Vous apprendrez à déterminer l’influence que peuvent avoir des singularités locales sur le niveau d’eau, comme des rétrécissements ou la présence de piles de pont.

Au fil des séquences, notions théoriques s’alterneront avec applications concrètes sur des sites haïtiens, français et suisses. Afin de consolider vos connaissances, vous serez encouragés à répondre à différents questionnaires ou à interagir concrètement avec les autres participants.

Ce cours peut ensuite être complété par le cours « Hydraulique fluviale 2 –Sédiments et morphologie fluviale ».


En collaboration avec le réseau Rescif.      

Starts : 2017-11-01 in 14 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English EdX Math MITx

How long should the handle of your spoon be so that your fingers do not burn while mixing chocolate fondue? Can you find a shape that has finite volume, but infinite surface area? How does the weight of the rider change the trajectory of a zip line ride? These and many other questions can be answered by harnessing the power of the integral. 

But what is an integral? You will learn to interpret it geometrically as an area under a graph, and discover its connection to the derivative.  You will encounter functions that you cannot integrate without a computer and develop a big bag of tricks to attack the functions that you can integrate by hand. The integral is vital in engineering design, scientific analysis, probability and statistics. You will use integrals to find centers of mass, the stress on a beam during construction, the power exerted by a motor, and the distance traveled by a rocket.

1. Modeling the Integral

  1. Differentials and Antiderivatives
  2. Differential Equations
  3. Separation of Variables

2. Theory of Integration

  1. Mean Value Theorem
  2. Definition of the Integral and the First Fundamental Theorem
  3. Second Fundamental Theorem

3. Applications

  1. Areas and Volumes
  2. Average Value and Probability
  3. Arc Length and Surface Area

4. Techniques of Integration

  1. Numerical Integration
  2. Trigonometric Powers, Trig Substitutions, Completing the Square
  3. Partial Fractions, Integration by Parts

This course, in combination with Part 1, covers the AP* Calculus AB curriculum.

This course, in combination with Parts 1 and 3, covers the AP* Calculus BC curriculum.

This course was funded in part by the Wertheimer Fund.

Learn more about our High School and AP* Exam Preparation Courses

Calculus 1A: Differentiation

Calculus 1C: Coordinate Systems & Infinite Series

*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these offerings.

Starts : 2017-11-01 in 14 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English EdX MITx Physics

This course is the second of a series of modules that cover calculus-based mechanics.  You will learn about the concepts of momentum, impulse, energy, and work, as well as the powerful idea of conservation laws. You will apply these concepts to solve interesting mechanics problems such as collisions and rockets.

The complete series of modules is based on the MIT subject 8.01: Physics I, required of all MIT undergraduates.  The modules are:

To understand the material in this course you should have taken Mechanics: Kinematics and Dynamics


The course image is a fire truck on top of the MIT dome. Image taken by Sarahjane10784 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MIT_firetruck_hack_2006.JPG

Starts : 2017-11-02 in 15 days
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Economics & Finance EdX IIMBx

Business organizations are constantly engaged in financial decision-making related to financial planning, investments, capital purchases, etc. The right financial decisions play a critical role in maximizing an organization’s business value.

  1. How do we value assets?
  2. What is a good investment?
  3. Does a project create value?

Corporate finance will address these issues to help managers make value-enhancing decisions.

This business and management course will introduce you to the role of corporate finance in an organization and the tools used to evaluate investment proposals.

The course will cover commonly used tools and techniques that help managers make decisions that create value for their organizations such as time value of money, opportunity cost, net present value and internal rate of return.

If you are interested in creating value for your organization, then this course is for you.

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