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Starts : 2017-07-03 in 8 days
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Open2Study Free Visual & Performing Arts

Get introduced to a range of skills and concepts to broaden your understanding of contemporary photographic art.

Starts : 2017-07-03 in 8 days
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Open2Study Free Life Sciences

This course introduces how the human body works and how it is more than the sum of its parts

Starts : 2017-07-03 in 8 days
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Open2Study Free Health and Welfare

Explore four common diseases and body systems: how they work, how they are treated and prevented.

Starts : 2017-07-03 in 8 days
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Open2Study Free Public Affairs & Law

Learn to understand criminal behaviour by looking at our evolutionary history and animal behaviour in general.

Starts : 2017-07-03 in 8 days
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Open2Study Free Visual & Performing Arts

Discover a world of music exploring your community or family to learn how music represents cultural identity.

Starts : 2017-07-03 in 8 days
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Open2Study Free English & Literature

Explore how writing style, web design and structure can grab the attention of and engage online readers.

Starts : 2017-07-04 in 9 days
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edX Free English EdX Humanities Social Sciences UQx

The experience of war has changed fundamentally – not only for those fighting and reporting, but also for those on the home front. High-tech nations wage wars from a distance using satellite-guided weaponry while non-state military actors, terrorist organizations, and citizen journalists have increasingly added new voices and visual perspectives to the conversation about conflict.

The ubiquity of smartphones, internet access, and social media transports the experience and complexity of war directly into our lives. Cyberspace offers greater freedoms and access to information at the same time as we discover a dramatic global rise of cyber espionage, internet censorship, and surveillance.

In this course, we map this emerging new terrain where violent conflict, information technology, and global media intersect and where the old distinctions between battlefront and home front, between soldier and civilian, between war and entertainment, and between public and private are being redrawn. 

Considering these changes, this course engages with questions surrounding:

  • The relationship between media, information technology, and war
  • How violent conflict is presented in the media and the responsibilities of journalists during wartime
  • The effect of instantaneous, worldwide reporting on battle and the politics of conflict
  • How we can understand and critically engage with media and information technology

In order to engage with these questions, this course is taught through a number of conventional and unconventional forms of learning methods and activities. These include lecture videos, questionnaires, and discussion fora. But it also includes practical, experiential elements taught through crowdsourcing, individual research, critical viewing, media and image analysis, and surveys. Combined, these activities allow you to gain fresh and timely insights into what happens beneath the surface of the screen in front of you. They enable you to gain a deeper understanding of how the politics of today's wars play out on and behind the digital screens in our hypermediatized age.

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English EdX Electronics Engineering Physics UBCx

This short course teaches students and industry professionals how to design integrated optical devices and circuits, using a hands-on approach with commercial tools. We will fabricate your designs using a state-of-the-art ($5M) silicon photonic rapid-prototyping 100 keV electron-beam lithography facility. We will measure your designs using an automated optical probe station and provide you the data. You will then analyze your experimental data.

Why take this course?

  • To get hands on design experience with integrated optics
  • To learn how to use advanced optical design tools
  • To get your design fabricated, and obtain experimental data

The focus of this course is a design project, guided by lectures, tutorials and activities. As a first-time designer, you will design an interferometer, which is a widely used device in many applications such as communications (modulation, switching) and sensing. Specifically, it is Mach-Zehnder Interferometer, consisting of fibre grating couplers, two splitters, and optical waveguides. For advanced designers, this course is an opportunity to design many other devices, such as directional couplers, ring, racetrack and disk resonators, Bragg gratings including grating assisted contra-directional couplers, photonic crystals, multi-mode interference (MMI) couplers, polarization diversity components, mode-division multiplexing (MDM) components and circuits, novel waveguides such as sub-wavelength grating (SWG) and metamaterial waveguides, slot waveguides, etc.

Commercial software tool licenses are provided in this course (Lumerical Solutions, Mentor Graphics, and MATLAB). Open-source alternatives are provided. Mentor Graphics tools are accessed remotely via a cloud service; the others can be run on your own computer.

You will earn a professional certificate from the University of British Columbia and edX upon successful completion of this course. Certificates can be uploaded directly to your LinkedIn profile.

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English Business & Management Economics & Finance EdX JaverianaX

El MOOC en Finanzas personales le ayudará a lograrde una mejor administración de sus finanzas mediante el desarrollo de un proceso que involucra tres grandes temas:

  • ¿Hacia dónde voy?
  • ¿Con qué cuento?
  • Cambiando el rumbo

En cada una de estas etapas usted podrá evidenciar, mediante actividades lúdicas, los principales conceptos que deberá considerar para el mejor manejo de sus finanzas. Podrá evaluar cómo lo ha hecho hasta ahora y por supuesto encontrará las causas del estado actual de sus finanzas, descubriendo diversos caminos para asegurar, con disciplina, la tan anhelada libertad financiera, es decir, tener el mismo nivel de vida sin tener que trabajar, el sueño de todos eliminate.

Todo esto estará acompañado de la toma de decisiones sobre sus objetivos a corto, mediano y largo plazo; simulando las diferentes opciones que un sano manejo financiero permite. Tendrá la posibilidad de conocer casos reales y de consultar a la experta: “la doctora billetera” para tomar las mejores decisiones en términos financieros lo que le permitirá que sus decisiones futuras sean las más eficientes y adecuadas a sus metas, ingresos y gastos.

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English EdX Electronics Engineering MITx

In this engineering course, you will learn about photodetectors, solar cells (photovoltaics), displays, light emitting diodes, lasers, optical fibers, optical communications, and photonic devices.

This course is part of a three-part series, which explains the basis of the electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of materials including semiconductors, metals, organics, and insulators. We will show how devices are built to take advantage of these properties. This is illustrated with a wide range of devices, placing a strong emphasis on new and emerging technologies.

Part 1 - 3.15.1x: Electronic Materials and Devices
Part 3 - 3.15.3x: Magnetic Materials and Devices

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English Business & Management Data Analysis & Statistics Economics & Finance EdX JaverianaX

Acerca de este curso

Si usted está interesado en aprender a hacer e interpretar pronósticos de ventas sin profundizar en las matemáticas, ¡este curso es para usted!

Podrá desarrollar la habilidad para entender en qué situaciones debe utilizar y aplicar los tipos de pronósticos basados en modelos existentes, vistos de una forma matemática muy práctica.

Comprenderá cuándo un pronóstico es bueno y cuándo no lo es.

Podrá presentar informes exitosos que le permitan tomar decisiones anticipadas y "acordes a la realidad de su negocio."

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English EdX Engineering WitsX

A PhD or master’s level research project is an enormous undertaking, and you might find yourself a bit uncertain about the process or how to achieve the desired outcome. In this research course, you will learn the underlying principles that are needed to conduct research from an engineering perspective.

This course is designed for engineering students conducting postgraduate research work on engineering projects. The objective of the course is to translate current research methods, which are mostly from a social science perspective, into something more relatable and understandable to engineers. Our hope for this course is to go beyond the concepts to understand the actual reasons for doing research in a certain way. While engineers are the main target audience, non-engineers will find this information useful as well.

The methods taught in this course will equip you with the knowledge needed to design, plan and construct your own research process.

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English EdX Environmental Studies Humanities JaverianaX

Una compañía que pretenda ser sostenible debe pensar en generar un valor económico, social y medioambiental, en el corto y largo plazo, a fin de contribuir al aumento del bienestar y el progreso de las generaciones presentes y futuras.

Este curso se enfoca en las investigaciones y tendencias actuales, vistas desde la sostenibilidad ambiental para las empresas, considerando para ellos algunas medidas como operaciones más limpias, huella de producto y eco-eficiencia.

Durante este curso se tratarán oportunidades para crear valor en una forma sostenible y responsable, a través de la evaluación de casos de estudio y análisis de las estrategias corporativas relacionadas al desafío ambiental.

La sostenibilidad se identifica como una fuente de reducción de costes y aumento de ingresos. Además, muchas compañías consideran la sostenibilidad como un factor clave para fomentar el crecimiento en nuevos mercados de una forma responsable con el medio ambiente.

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English EdX Environmental Studies Humanities JaverianaX

Este curso les ayudará a responder preguntas como:

  1. ¿Consumen más, menos, o justo lo que necesitan?
  2. ¿Les gusta botar dinero cuando compran y consumen algo o estarían interesados en que no tuvieran que desperdiciarlo?
  3. ¿Por qué a veces consumen productos que no necesitan realmente?
  4. ¿Quieren seguir consumiendo los productos que compran actualmente sin sentirse culpables por los discursos ambientales sobre la protección del ambiente?

Si te has hecho alguna de estas preguntas antes o, por el contrario, nunca te las habías planteado, ¡Seguro disfrutarás este curso!

No existen los productos perfectamente sostenibles hoy en día. Por esto como compradores y consumidores debemos volvernos expertos en tomar las mejores decisiones posibles, con la mejor información disponible (e, incluso, exigir nueva información que no exista aún), sobre el valor que realmente queremos obtener de un bien o servicio, identificando las mejores oportunidades que nos ofrezcan las empresas para cuidar al ambiente y a la sociedad (al mencionar el cuidado del ambiente y de la sociedad, se incluyen ustedes mismos como compradores y consumidores)

Entonces, ¿de quién es la responsabilidad de que se sigan escuchando denuncias sobre la contaminación del ambiente por ejemplo? Todos los que estamos involucrados en el ciclo de vida de los bienes y servicios que compramos, tenemos la oportunidad de presionar para que los sistemas de producción y de consumo mejoren hacia un estado más sostenible que antes.

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English EdX Environmental Studies JaverianaX Social Sciences

Hablar del cuidado del medio ambiente y la sostenibilidad parece tarea de todos, pero difícilmente en nuestras acciones cotidianas demostramos estar realmente conscientes de la importancia de conocer nuestra casa común para cuidar de ella.

Este es un curso introductorio para conocer los avances que, desde la ecología como disciplina científica se han logrado para mejorar la forma en la que todos los seres humanos interactuamos con nuestro planeta. El curso motivará pensamientos racionales tendientes al mejoramiento de las condiciones del medio ambiente y permitirá conocer aún más de eso de lo que todos hablan “el cuidado de nuestra casa común”

No es necesario tener conocimientos previos acerca de la ecología.

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English EdX Humanities JaverianaX Social Sciences

Analizar el contexto próximo del Papa Francisco y proponer alternativas de acción. Este curso teórico práctico, pretende hacer una aproximación reflexiva y crítica al pensamiento social del Papa Francisco desde la teología, teniendo como marco doctrinal de referencia, la doctrina social de la Iglesia, la realidad latinoamericana y mundial.

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English EdX JaverianaX Law Social Sciences

El objetivo del programa es realizar una introducción a los temas legales que regulan y tienen efectos sobre la economía digital. De esta forma, el programa busca brindar a todos los profesionales que se relacionen con la economía digital las herramientas jurídicas necesarias para entender las leyes que se relacionan con la industria de la tecnología, las nuevas formas de entretenimiento y la información.

Starts : 2017-07-05 in 10 days
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edX Free English EdX JaverianaX Social Sciences

Este curso te permitirá reconocer que la paz en Colombia hace mucho se viene desarrollando desde comunidades marginadas y anónimas. Estudiar y practicar la paz desde esta perspectiva es hacerlo en el plano de lo personal y cotidiano, para releer el aspecto político. La invitación es sumergirse en los temas de las paces de un país que tiene mucho por aportar al mundo en este campo.

Starts : 2017-07-06 in 11 days
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edX Free English Business & Management EdX IDBx

*** This course will be offered in English. ***

Public institutions, non-governmental organizations, development agencies, and others who promote economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean often struggle to turn proposals into concrete realities that increase social well-being and achieve results within the available time with scarce resources.

This course provides concepts and tools to apply in project management that can generate a substantial change in the way objectives are being met. This MOOC seeks to strengthen participants' capacities in project management for development so that projects can be effectively and efficiently executed.

This project management MOOC includes case studies that will help you better understand key project management concepts and tools; presentations from Project Management Professional (PMP)® certified with ample experience in the topic; discussion forums; and selected readings.

The Project Management for Results (PM4R) methodology, developed by IDB's Inter-American Institute for Economic and Social Development (INDES), serves as a conceptual base for this course. PM4R's contents are based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) - Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., 2013.

Although these best practices have been present for many years in corporate projects, the IDB has led its progressive inclusion in the public sector and in development projects, contributing to the construction of realities that improve lives.

INDES as a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) has been approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® to issue 30 professional development units (PDUs) if you earn the verified certificate in this course.

If you have any questions, please contact us at idbx@iadb.org.

The preparation of this course was financed by the Institutional Capacity Strengthening Fund (ICSF), thanks to the contribution of the Government of the People's Republic of China.

PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Starts : 2017-07-06 in 11 days
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edX Free English Business & Management Economics & Finance EdX IIMBx

Business organizations are constantly engaged in financial decision-making related to financial planning, investments, capital purchases, etc. The right financial decisions play a critical role in maximizing an organization’s business value.

  1. How do we value assets?
  2. What is a good investment?
  3. Does a project create value?

Corporate finance will address these issues to help managers make value-enhancing decisions.

This business and management course will introduce you to the role of corporate finance in an organization and the tools used to evaluate investment proposals.

The course will cover commonly used tools and techniques that help managers make decisions that create value for their organizations such as time value of money, opportunity cost, net present value and internal rate of return.

If you are interested in creating value for your organization, then this course is for you.