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3 votes
ed2go $149.00 Education Ed2go

Learn how to be an effective English language teacher from an expert in the field.

11 votes
Udemy $15 Closed [?] Education

Learn how to manage your classroom and spend more time teaching rather than disciplining

19 votes
Udemy $39 Closed [?] Education

Learn the newest and best practices to successfully control oppositional, defiant, angry, disrespectful students.

3 votes
ed2go $149.00 Education Ed2go

Learn how to create engaging, easy-to-maintain classroom center activities that boost independent learning while increasing small-group instruction time.

1 votes
ed2go $70.00 Closed [?] Education Ed2go

Increase student performance and earn extra income by converting your ideas for instructional aids into reality.

3 votes
ed2go $149.00 Education Ed2go

In this professional development course for teachers, you'll get the training you need to reach the diverse mix of students you face every day--learning proven strategies that turn diversity into opportunity.

2 votes
Udemy $49 Closed [?] Education Teacher Training

For parents and teachers. Learn about the many ways you can coach children to make/save money and become entrepreneurs.