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Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan Free Education learn BAx Business & Management Dental porcelain Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability at the University of Oklahoma Educational+Psychology

This course explores techniques for assessment of reading and writing skills and for development of individualized instruction in classroom settings; develops strategies for meeting the needs of individual students through the evaluation, utilization, and adaptation of commercial reading materials and through the formation of principles and techniques for producing effective teacher-prepared materials. Course Level: Undergraduate This Work, EDUC 403 - Individualized Reading Instruction in the Elementary Grades, by Annemarie Sullivan Palinscar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

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Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan Free Education Dental cement Digestion Graphing and analyzing linear functions Miscellaneous Trademark

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are useful for evidence-based clinical and public health practice. The widespread and growing application of systematic review methods for the synthesis of evidence on important or pressing research and clinical questions underscore the need for health-care professionals to understand and critique this research design. This course will provide a detailed description of the systematic review process, discuss the strengths and limitations of the method, and provide step-by-step guidance on how to actually perform a systematic review and meta-analysis. Specific topics to be covered include: formulation of the review question, searching of literature, quality assessment of studies, data extraction, meta-analytic methods, assessment of heterogeneity and report writing. The course will also cover statistical issues such as selection of statistical models for meta-analysis, practical examples of fixed and random effects models, best evidence syntheses (qualitative systematic reviews) as well as examples of methods to evaluate heterogeneity and publication bias. STATA statistical software will be used to perform meta-analysis during the computer lab, along with tutorials on how to effectively use tools such as PubMed for conducting reviews. Course Level: Graduate This Work, EPID 757 - Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses, by Joel Gagnier is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

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Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan Free Education Business & Management Double and triple integrals GlobalHealth Hybris online training Rational expressions

The main objective of this course is to explore and critique the role of an open pedagogy in education. Participants will develop an understanding of the concept of open and explore its application in, primarily, the context of educational environments as well as use and assess emerging learning technologies and social media. Participants will also learn about a variety of other initiatives and projects employing an open pedagogy, learn how to both identify and create open educational resources and develop a familiarity with the legal and policy considerations (e.g. copyright) surrounding the use and creation of open content. Through reading, writing, and sharing these writings, participants will make important contributions to the ongoing and exciting conversation around the future of teaching and learning. Course Level: Graduate This Work, EDT 585: Open Pedagogy

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Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan Free Computer Sciences Christian Leadership Double and triple integrals Health Care System Hybris online training Wars and Social Science

This course introduces students to the ideas and practices surrounding teaching, learning and research at a world class research university like the University of Michigan, and the emerging role in these practices of Open Educational Resources, including open content such as opencourseware, open access initiatives, open publishing of research and learning materials as found in open journals, databases and e-prints, open textbooks, related open software efforts such as open learning systems, and emerging open teaching experiments. The course will ground the students in how teaching, learning and research is done at the university level, and then survey relevant OER efforts, looking at their history, development, potential futures, and the underlying motivations for their progressive adoption by various members of the community of scholars. more... This course uses an open textbook Open Educational Resources at the University of Michigan. The articles in the open textbook (wikibook) were written by the School of Information Graduate students in the class. Course Level: Graduate This Work, SI 521 - Special Topics: Open Educational Resources and the University of Michigan, by Joseph Hardin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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