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Excelsior College : Pathophysiology preparation and study guides. Comments, ratings, feedback.

Based on material typically presented in a one-semester course in pathophysiology. Measures understanding of the physiological mechanisms altered by disease in the living organism. Primarily focuses on the altered health states of adults and includes clinical presentation, signs and symptoms, appropriate diagnostic studies, and global concepts of treatment. Assumes a familiarity with normal anatomy and physiology and microbiology. A familiarity with concepts of biochemistry and immunology is suggested. (Multiple-choice examination.)


MOOCs and online courses to prepare for the Exam

There are courses from independent organizations to prepare for this exam.

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This course is designed to give the student a clear understanding of the pathophysiology of the menstrual cycle, fertilization, im…

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This course covers the growth, development and structure of normal bone and joints, the biomechanics of bone connective tissues, a…

Other relevant study and preparation guides

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