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Certification exams or college credits after courses from Open2Study

The list contains some courses from Open2Study and relevant exams from Certification Exams directory for a course. Exams can be used to get certification or college credits after a course or a MOOC completed. Find all courses from Open2Study or see the list of only Ongoing courses from Open2Study with certification exams.

NOTE. The list of exams for every course was prepared by users of this web site. Courses providers and Certification providers did not cooperate with the site when preparing this. Connection of courses and exams is not approved by course and exams providers. Please, use the list on your own risk.


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Management for a Competitive Edge

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Learn the strategies of successful managers, including leadership, teamwork and communication.

Certification exams (1)

Exams to get certification or college credits after Management for a Competitive Edge from Open2Study complete

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Corresponds to a one-semester course in organizational behavior typically required of business administration majors in the junior…