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Stand Out of Un-Accredited Institute
A stable democratic state with corruption, poor infrastructure and fiscal deficits; India is among the emerging economies of the world. Biggest challenge for the state is its huge population size that puts it on the second rank among most populous states in the world. Moreover, world’s largest youth population is in India which means that there is pool of human capital. But the truth is that despite of having more than 40% of population as youth, the country lags valuable, skilled and productive human capital. The country’s rank in terms of human capital is below than hundred among rest of the countries. This makes it a challenge for the state authorities to incorporate development reforms with such a burdensome.

A major trend of human capital flight has been observed in India as well, like other developing nations. Apart from many other factors like the lack of employment opportunities, poor infrastructure etc., one of the reason for this brain drain is the inferior and sub-standard education facilities. People in India view it as an advanced stage of chronic illness. This drawback compels people to move abroad to undertake any study program in a university which is recognized and acceptable world-wide.

For a student, the main aim of his hard work is to be employed in a renowned and eminent firm. People put their efforts, mange things and commitments and work hard to attain a degree and these efforts are not only to earn livelihood but to attain skills that would lead them to a successful career. Today’s students are career-oriented unlike the previous century ones and surely they do need to strive to stay in the current fiercely competitive business world. First and foremost measure to compete and enjoy the competitive advantage, is to ensure that the degrees they hold are credible which is determined by the credibility of the institute from where they have acquired that degree.

Being accredited means that the institute meets all the quality standards that are required to compete world-class top international universities. To serve this purpose, International Accreditation Organization India plays its contributing role. It is an international accreditation agency having its footprints in India as well.

International Accreditation Organization India is entitled to provide accreditation to the education providers after a careful study of their quality standards. The standards are assessed on the basis of the management practices, course content and curriculum, faculty members and the facilities provided to the students.

International Accreditation Organization India ensures that the course content taught is in-depth, comprehensive and will equip students with all the requisites of the field they are studying in. The course must enable students to develop expertise in their subject area and prepare to face the prospective challenges at the workplace and on the career path. The organization is also responsible to assess the faculty members of the Applicant University or college that whether they are registered professionals or fake degree holders or not and whether they have expertise and skills requires to teach the subject they are delivering their services for.

Apart from evaluation of study programs and the faculty, university is accredited on the basis of its management practices also which include the facilities provided, training, services and equipment. Meeting the requirements of the standard will ensure quality management system that will be beneficial to the organization in real terms and would help to manage business effectively and put best practice methodology at the institute. This would, in turn, increase the credibility and worthiness of the institute.
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