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Development of Online Degree Program at Neil Wilson University
Online degree program is growing rapidly day by day on an international scale as peoples’ interest in online courses is increasing with time. The most obvious factor that is observed during changing trend of online learning is the flexibility and location.
Neil Wilson University degree is an online program that does not require students to move to a campus near-by, so they are free to continue living wherever they like and can easily fit their education along with their existing work and family commitments.

The involvement of distance is the reason for growing participation of students in online courses. Different studies were conducted in US and UK to show why students prefer online degree program than traditional degree programs.  According to the data collected from US-based study in 2014, we can see that only 48% of the students live within 50 miles from their universities. An increase in students moving far from their universities has been found. From 2012 to 2014 the percentage has increased from 25% to 31% for those students who were living 100 miles away from their universities. 48% of the students studying online courses live around 100 miles away from their institution. This translate well as to how location matters in changing trends of learning.

There is a close relationship of location and flexibility with overall cost of online education. In online courses students do not require travelling so they do not have to pay to commute to their universities as well as continuing their existing job helps them in financing for their online courses.

It is found through the study that majority of the students online are in employment, 46% people are in full time employment while 24% people are doing part time jobs. These are those people who want to advance in their career and want to have a career change. Online learning plays an important role for such working people as it helps in adding value in their CVs. It enables them not only to complete their courses/ degree but also supports students in enhancing their organizational skills and knowledge required by a firm. Thus online learning helps individuals in getting promotion and career advancement in future.
The changing trend of learning shows that there is wide participation of online learning students as compared to conventional learning. The increase in online learning has the potential to provide opportunities to those students who don’t ordinarily have access to studies. Neil Wilson University degree give student a chance to not only complete their education but also make their university life hassle free. They are not bound to attend classes physically they can get the course access online easily.  Student will be enjoying these courses with flexibility of how and when they want to study.

Moreover studying online is not a soft option as student need to manage their work and studies simultaneously. They should know how to manage their studies along with their workload and deadlines.  Managing online studies is not a piece of cake as it lacks face to face interaction so students need to be smart enough, motivated and hard-working to complete their course. For those students who lack confidence and don’t enjoy face to face interaction, online learning gives them a plus point to concentrate more on their studies. So before adopting online learning option, students need to think whether it is an option for them or not.

Neil Wilson University degree program pays special attention towards students belonging to complex pedagogical, organizational, technical and economic background who require support and guidance in their studies in order to complete their course/ program as these factors might refrain students from taking online courses.
As for me its totally a nonsense. If i was living in this city and my children will attend school there i would be very nervous about thier safety. I would think about distance education but as for me it isn't for all children. Some students can successfully learn somthing in this way, but a lot of them need to be in the classroom with other pupils, to have a techer who will explain everything. I have a son and i know him very well. If he study online education – he won't do his homework. I remember how he joined some online course last year and his informal essay was great and i know that he didn't write anything   So if some mothers will read me – know, that our chikdren are very tricky.
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