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The group restart. Attempt 2
Hello Friends!

All you subscribed to this group recently, but our group learning was not success. It failed because we didn't know how to organize our learning.

However, there is other more success group to learn Python, it was localized to Ukraine only and we got some good experience there. We found it is better to have 2 groups - for beginners and advanced level. There are groups - Beginner and Advanced (it is just for reference as you probably don't know Ukrainian)

And now we can use same approach for our global Python learning groups.
We will create new Python group for members who are ready for something more serious then creating simplest Python programs.
Python for beginners for though who never coded with Python
Advanced Python for members who already coded something with Python or coded a lot with an other language.

Both groups will start soon.

For the first group we will use some good book as the base to learn and will go step by step
For the second group we will find some good example to code together. More details about the second group will be on the group page.

I hope the second attempt to start our group learning will be success.

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