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Work on new feature - Statuses and Activity
Hi All, works on new feature - Statuses and Activity log.
It is somethign similar to Twitter. Users (registered students) can post a status . LIst of statuses is saved and available for public . Users can subscribe for other users and see their updates in the timeline.

We expect users of the will post their statuses to share the experience in online education. It will help to build the community of people who study online with open/commersial online courses or MOOC.

What so you think about this? Interesting?
(11-27-2014, 10:24 AM)Frank Y Wrote:  Interesting!


When do you plan to start?
One more social network!
why don't use twitter for this?
(11-27-2014, 10:27 AM)taras Wrote:  One more social network!
why don't use twitter for this?

It is not real social network. And it will be only about education online So not mixed with other subjects
How will it work? How will it help to study?
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