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test anxiety??
I interview for an Ivy League university in order to review it for so I have met a lot of high-achieving high school students. One student, told me she has friends whose parents require them to spend all day all summer studying for the SAT so that they can get 800s on the test. Another girl started a club to help students relax and have fun to deal with all the pressure in the junior and senior years. Ironically, she added "running a club to help over-achievers relax " to her own over-full plate of achieving. Neither student was among the 10% accepted. I told my daughter I didn't want her to make herself miserable to get into a school that was nearly impossible to get into. But I went back on that many times.

What is the point of life? What are humans for, anyway? Apparently we think life is for earning as much money/power/prestige as possible. We think it's a dog-eat-dog world and we go along with it. How's that working for us? I am beginning to envy hippies! It is very difficult to restrain myself from pressuring my younger daughter to match her older sister's grades. Not getting an A is so scary and wrong feeling, it feels like a religious sin! We should step back and look at what we're doing. A loving God wouldn't choose for people to live this way.

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