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Exploring the ServiceNow Database
Almost everything in ServiceNow is an entry in a database. When you look at the user interface, virtually everything you see from the data typed in by a user to log files and how the views are structured-is stored in the instance's relational database. The scripts you write are kept in a string field, and the files you attach to records are stored in chunks, all in the database.
All this data is organized into many tables. A table is a collection of records, with each record being a row. A field is a column in that table.

Everything is built on top of this structure. You don't need to reboot the server to apply new functionality; you just update data records. You don't need to reload configuration files-any properties you set will be read on the next operation. Even the database metadata-information about the fields themselves-is stored in another table.

This gives you a great deal of control. You organize, configure, and manage almost everything the same way, searching for a script like you search for users: by simply querying the right table. This means you can focus on designing and building great business applications since the platform just works.

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