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online education
Just want to share this idiotic alarmism article. As I found out when working with the paper writing company, privacy paranoids and conspiracy nutcases are running amok, obsessed with holding their children in the past. This is the kind of backward thinking that causes many bureaucracies to get left behind. Everyone involved in the production of this article should be kept as far away from information technology decisions as possible. Getting a cloud-hosted email account does require that the provider hold your information for you, yet I would imagine few of these parents run their own email servers, which is usually a less secure option. Likewise, the system administrators at Google and Facebook tend to have better security practices than almost all school district IT departments.

There are scores of cloud-based student information system that are storing this same information, tens of thousands of schools already using Google Classroom and Blackboard, yet all of this particular venom is reserved for those that are bringing charitable funding into education, funding which Strauss often decries because it is outside the scope of the funds controlled by the teachers' unions. In particular, the possibility of dynamic, personalized curricula being superior to what a teacher giving the same content to 30 students all day is a huge threat to their hegemony over local budgets.
This seems to be very interesting


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