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6 Tech Books Every IT Student Must Read!
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Being an IT student, you should focus on improving your tech knowledge. This write-up is worth reading as it reveals famous tech books. Keep in mind that reading these books helps you to find the latest scenario of the digital world and how businesses try to ensure their online presence.
Yes, it is a fact that Google happens to update the digital world but it is also a fact that it cannot replace tech books. These tech books educate even any layman about the tech world and how it influences the lives of common people. Below are those popular tech books which will assist you in different ways to make sure that you take a look at them carefully.  

1.    “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress” by Susan Gunelius
If you find WordPress a very difficult thing to understand so this book is the right one for you to read. This book comprises of both the basics and the advanced topics of WordPress. With getting useful information about WordPress, you also get to know about blogging. Therefore, you should read this book. You will find the perfect way of using WordPress.    

2.    “Bricklin on Technology” by Dan Bricklin
This tech book is also very famous and it consists of 400 pages. You should know that while exploring this book more you will find that it is based on the last blogs of Bricklin from 2000 to 2009. You will come across a huge variety of topics.  It manifests the great history of the recording industry and the way people respond to various media choices. In this book, every single chapter is great to read so take out time to read this great book and know more about the tech world.

3.    “The Network is your customer” by David Rogers
If you do not know the right way of using all the social media platforms and tools in order to achieve goals so it is the best book for you to read. You will also find about every customer’s behavior. Being an IT student; you should read this book properly. It will assist you in your academic career and you will be able to diversify your tech knowledge.  

4.    “The Third Screen” by Chuck Martin
It is very interesting to read as it manifests about smartphones and it means that you should not overlook to read this great book. You will also find the impact of smartphones on the digital world. Chuck Martin has tried to explain how this particular technology had paved a way for Apps to take place and enable businesses for staying connected with customers.
5.    “iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing” by Jeffrey Hughes
You will never get bored of reading this famous tech book. You will get a chance to improve your knowledge about apps and keep in mind that if apps inspire you then reading this specific book is important for you. You have to understand that all the chapters of this specific book consist of lessons so reading this book is important for you.

6.    “The Age of the Platform” by Phil Simon
This book has also succeeded to exist among top tech books of the world. This book will definitely improve your knowledge about the prominent players in the digital world like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. You will find that how tech giants have created forums for businesses to stay at the top in the digital world.

Above-mentioned are best tech books that you should think of reading because they will definitely improve your knowledge about the tech world.  Keep in mind that they will not only improve your knowledge, in fact, they will also guide you for jumping into the digital world with your startup. You should take out time to read all these tech books.

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